Saturday, September 30, 2006

we heart rice daddies!

maganda & pogi
Originally uploaded by mamazilla1972.

i just meandered over to rice daddies and saw that their banner's changed and the paloma and the porkchop are on it! :)

maraming salamat, kanin tatays!

(yes, i CAN bastardize tagalog if i want to.....)

this pic can also be found in the photo gallery at archipelago, an online store that sells great filipino t-shirts. the paloma is wearing their "maganda" (the tagalog word for beautiful) shirt and the porkchop is wearing the "pogi" (the tagalog word for handsome) shirt.

they just introduced a new "halo halo" (my favorite dessert!) shirt. in tagalog, halo halo means mix-mix. so, i think i'll be buying the kids this tee for next summer.


daddy in a strange land said...

Okay, I was gonna try to be all authentic and write "You're welcome" in Tagalog, but my wife just told me what it was and there was no way I was gonna be able to figure out how to type that so, oh well! (And I was gonna try to be funny and put "po" at the end of it too! not that you're that much older than me...heh.)

But I can't even take credit, cuz Poppa Large is in charge of the banner design and taglines. Oh well.

But those t-shirts are great! Thanks for the link, I didn't know about that company before.

Angela said...

Great picture, gorgeous children!

mamazilla said...

diasl - i'm actually thinking about how to say you're welcome in tagalog right now and i can't think of how.... wtf!? i keep saying de nada in my head.... why is it i know more french and spanish than tagalog?! I'M SUCH A FILIPINO WANNABE!!!!

angela - THANKS! this was the 1 pic of 30 that actually turned out. they're cute and they're fast! :)

Bert said...

These are the cutest kids alive. My goodness, dear, you have some sparkly, happy genes in that pool. :)

mamazilla said...

bert - tan-Q! but, beware the cutest kids alive.

remember gizmo? add water and POOF! gremlin.

same thing... only prob is the water can be sustituted w/ anything - it's a crap shoot. ;)


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