Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

as you can see, porkchop wanted to be harry potter for halloween... i would love to say it was because he's such a fan of the books, but i think it's because he's such a fan of paloma who is a huge fan of the books... it never ceases to amaze me how much he loves his big sister and always wants to be her biggest supporter:

i used butterick pattern B4319 and added the maroon lining to the hood and about 4" of the fronts... i chose charcoal grey because i had moaning myrtle on the brain and spaced that the current hogwarts robes are black... and the thin man had a striped maroon/grey tie (that i had intended to paint with some gold fabric paint...)... i got slightly more geeky by drawing a gryffindor-ish crest onto some fabric, interfacing it and then applying it to the robe... also, i found an easy way to cover a shank button to make the robe closure. :)

paloma wanted to be a "villain in a ball gown"... ??

so we surveyed what was out there and she came up with "spider princess"

although the feel/hand of the fabrics i chose were stiff - for the most part they were pretty comfortable... all the fabrics are covered in a cobweb pattern... i used mccalls M5954. i didn't use the peplum because... well, a peplum didn't seem too spider princessy... :)

and here are our scaaaaaaaary jack o lanterns... i actually used a steak knife to carve these babies - i think i lost the pumpkin knives in the move... amazing i didn't lop off an appenadage this year... :)

ennyhooo.... have a safe and fun halloween!!! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

friday dance - our steel year!

i'm posting some of our wedding dance videos today in honor of our anniversary! :) 11 roller coaster years! WOOT! LURV YOU, BABE!!! :)

our first dance:

my first jam:

the thin man's first jam:

happy friday!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"how the egg broke" a short story

so... paloma (like me) enjoys writing fiction... she just brought this one home today:

"How the Egg Broke" by paloma (8 yo)

One day in the land of giant floating baby head*, there was an egg. His name was Bob. Then a unicorn was born. His name was Dude. Bob was bored. So he set out for an adventure. Dude did too

They took different paths. Dude took the path of laser eyed teddy bears. And Bob took the path of bad pillows.

Dude was disentegrated [sic] and Bob was cracked.

Bob went to the great blanket wizard to fix the crack. But when Bob got there he saw two feet gourds. Bob tried to sneek [sic] past them (disguised) as an old lady, a monster, a girl, a man, a battery, a vampire, a mummy, a panda, Alex (classmate), Ms. M (teacher), but nothing worked.

Bob tried again and the feet gourds squished him.

The End.

*yes, we are avid fans of Phineas and Ferb.

i weep for Dude. that was harsh...

thanks for reading! happy wednesday!

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Friday, October 07, 2011

friday dance - good rockin' tonight

for some reason (i reeeeally dig it) i have had jimmy witherspoon stuck in my head for the last few days... especially, good rocking tonight, one of my favorite songs to dance to:

i also came across this video of two of my SF contemporaries, david madison and peter vawter "stealing"... it's a little dark (lighting wise), unfortunately...

and lastly, one of my FAVORITE stealing videos of all time, some choreography from herrang... done (attempted) by a follow... hee...

maybe i shoulda called this post "been caught stealin.." *snort* :)

happy friday!!!
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