Wednesday, October 26, 2005



... fyi - the south side has taken to the streets screaming, car horns are blaring, illegal fireworks (ok, i hope that those *pops* are illegal fireworks) are shooting...

hopefully, k'zilla will sleep through it all.

Monday, October 24, 2005


i've been tagged by my dear friend and fellow blogger, bertville, to list my idiosyncrasies.

yeah, i didn't know what the heck that really meant so i looked it up...

id·i·o·syn·cra·sy n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
1. A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.
2. A physiological or temperamental peculiarity.
3. An unusual individual reaction to food or a drug.

hmm, that seems easy enough...

1) i look like i have a jellyfish (ok, a small, detentacled jellyfish) attached to my head due to my cystic hygroma (brace yourself for the images).

2) i perspire under my chin when salivating or eating due to frey's syndrome (which probably occurred because of the many surgeries i underwent as a child to "shrink" my cystic hygroma.

3) i don't drive because a) my right eye has a hypoplastic optic nerve. so, i have very bad eyesight/depth perception. b) i'm really uncomfortable with controlling heavy vehicles with lots of power. c) when i did drive, i didn't drive well.

4) i can't see 3D (again, i really only have one good eye.) movies with those ridiculous red and blue cellophaned cardboard glasses.

5) i start numerous creative projects and find myself struggling to complete them.

6) i always wash a sink full of dishes the same way - first plates & bowls, then glasses, then pots and pans, then silverware/utensils get done last.

7) i go out of my way to wear matching underwear - my bras have to match my undies (currently, i'm so lost right now re: undergarments and will be until i lose the pregger poundage).

8) i really don't like to wear white socks or flip flops in public.

9) i am a slave to superstitions.

10) i always have kleenex. my nose has a tendency to sneeze and run when i least expect it. the brownie in me takes over - i must always be prepared.

11) i can't stand long fingernails - if my fingernails are 1/16" long, i have to cut them (and only during the light of day.)

12) i prefer not to attend large events. i find that if i'm unable to converse with a person in depth, i end up just sitting somewhere, shutting down and waiting until the event is over or when i've attended the event for a socially acceptable time.

13) i can't read printed words in a car, but i can read a map and very well i might add.

14) i am the most gullible person you will ever know. seriously, dude.

ok, i think that's it.
so i tag , monkeysteez, veloworks and dallas island to name their idiosyncrasies. really didn't know how freaky i was, did ya?! :) mwahahahahahaha!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

like i don't carry enough guilt already....

Nanowrimo is back.

huzzah. the ticking is getting louder and louder and louder......

on a happier note, p'zilla, k'zilla, b'zilla and i bought ourselves a tivo as an anniversary present and we all (ALL) enjoyed a lovely dinner (yup. dinner, not lunch. and i did in fact say, enjoyed) at frontera grill. :)

and before i catch h*ll for not mentioning it, i also received the wicked soundtrack cd, a lovely card, a big brick o' ghiradelli chocolate and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

let's see, that means a gazillion brownie points for popzilla and (surprise!) zip, zilch nada good wife points for mamzilla.... yeah, feeling slightly sheepish about it...

Friday, October 21, 2005

the zilla's celebrate #5!

photo of m'zilla & p'zilla by rufus diamant

so, 5 years ago, around this time, i was a blushing bridezilla walking slowly down the aisle at st. agnes catholic church in san francisco. the soloists, karen feder and scott grinthal were singing the prayer and i couldn't stop crying - my tough girl facade dissolving like my eye makeup, in front of God, my friends and family.

all the madness that occurred the evening before was finally moving out of focus and popzilla was moving into it.

the wedding rehearsal didn't go very well. alot of our attendants were late and everyone was so excited about the wedding and being in san francisco that hardly anyone was paying attention to what we were there to do. i was specifically worried that the kasalan portion of the ceremony wouldn't happen as seamlessly as i was hoping.

finally, the rehearsal was over and we were all looking forward to the rehearsal dinner. weeks before i had reserved tables at one of our favorite restaurants, e & o trading co. by the time, popzilla and i had gotten there, most of the wedding party was already there and they all looked really scared. apparently, e&o trading co had LOST our reservation. it was about then that i LOST my marbles and started to have a nervous crying fit on the staircase. after some calming and reassuring words from the wedding party and family, the manager on call actually did find the reservation which was "hidden under a bunch of stuff on the general manager's desk". they seated us pretty promptly after that but we didn't catch any breaks on drinks or anything. the dinner was delicious and we all had a really great time. it was the first time in a long time that my mom got wasted and silly on one frou frou drink. THAT was priceless....

since three of our wedding party were celebrating birthdays that same weekend, we'd decided a while back that we would go to bimbo's and dance the night away with the cheeseballs, the bestest 80's music cover band. i don't know how anyone got home that night and even weirder, we actually had tickets left over but i'm not sure who didn't show because it looked like we were all there.... i dunno. blame the al-key-hal...

i returned to our suite at the marines memorial club and didn't sleep a wink that night. thankfully, i also didn't have a hangover, unlike popzilla, who i called early that a.m. to remind him of some wedding day duties. no rest and no sympathy was to be found for poor popzilla on his wedding day...

i think MOH and i got to the wak shack early to get our vintage updos done by the lovely and talented kim long (who used to be the mermaid at bimbo's long ago, btw...) but we still managed to run late, after returning to the marines memorial club and changing because i remember getting out of the rolls royce and getting rushed into church with some hushed admonitions by the wedding coordinator.

and there i was, crying my eyes out. the wedding and reception were just this short of "perfect" but totally unforgettable.

and here i am five years later, truly living a life i really used to dream about. and i owe a (big, ginormous, hunking) lot of this happiness to popzilla - who loves me unconditionally and encourages me to "dream BIG".

popzilla, we might not be "doing much" to celebrate our anniversary this year (how can you when the traditional 5th anniversary present is wood - "dearest, i offer you this toothpick/tree branch/pencil/baseball bat as a symbol of our 5th wedding anniversary." ???!!!)

but, really we've done so much in five years... i really don't mind that we're "resting on our humble laurels" and just kickin' it at home w/ k'zilla and bellyzilla and dreaming BIG about our futures. :) i love you, babe. happy anniversary!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

it's been two years!?

i just checked - i started this blog 10/20/03...

go figure.


who woulda thunk i had this much nonsense in my head...


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tomorrow is "Bring Your Toaster To Work Day"... seriously!

i just saw this on WGN this morning... appparently, the toaster oven/toasters come in blue, green and stainless.


This observance will benefit the Salvation Army's Chicago Metropolitan Division. Each of the first 100 people to drop off an old toaster, or other small kitchen appliance, between noon and 2 p.m. Oct. 12 at the State of Illinois Building plaza, 100 W. Randolph St., will receive a free Ginny's brand toaster/toaster oven valued at $69.95. Donated appliances should be in working condition.

FYI: (312) 329-6120 or

WCLX 2005 (Windy City Lindy Exchange)

i was one of the dancers at federal plaza sunday afternoon and the willowbrook ballroom later that evening... still recovering...Posted by Picasa

more info at the official website...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

henson beckwith

so, i had the WEIRDEST dream last night... one of those dreams that i'm not even going to bother interpreting...

i dreamt that i was trapped in an elevator during some kind of apocalyptic event. i don't know what the apocalypse involved really - a continental divide or a flood or both - feel free to fill in the blanks... i vaguely remember stepping into an elevator (like i would ever do that if i knew the world was about the implode) the elevator dropping (duh) and the lights going out.

i wake up in a bed in a badly damaged (part of my room is ripped open to the elements) and barely functional hospital (the flashing fluorescent light fixture is hanging by two remaining hooks instead of four) . here's where it got especially weird, on the nightstand, next to the bed is a hand carved wooden overmantle that has a personalized shelf for each of us 'zillas - top left, i see my name, then top right, i see popzilla's name, bottom left, i see kidzilla's name and then, bottom right, i see "Henson Beckwith"

at this point, i see that my small family has indeed survived the apocalypse somehow and are cradling the new baby. some random family member walks over to me and says, "all along, we thought he was going to be named after popzilla - where did you come up with henson beckwith?"

henson beckwith?! wtf!? end of weird dream...

this dream could have been brought on by anything really - my first instinct is to suspect the turkish delight that i have been feasting on (and will continue to feast on, thank you very much, to my generous globetrotting maid of honor and the fantastic candymakers in turkey who made such a marvelously edible thing possible) ... the recent catastophic hurricanes... our impending trip to new york to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary... the fact that we haven't picked out a middle name for the new baby yet (popzilla wants a monosyllabic name whereas i would prefer a polysyllabic name)... the fact that i love all things related to jim henson...

anyway, popzilla and moh (my maid of honor) got a laugh out of it this a.m. so, i thought i should document it.

i googled the name and came up with nothing. spell check actually suggested "Hanson Becket" i checked the baby names websites and also came up with zero...

that reminded me of a fellow aca resident (i mean you, monkeysteez) who tipped me off to baby name websites as good resources for names of characters in writing. which made me think, "hmmm, maybe 'henson beckwith' is actually a name for a future character in that book that's hopefully just stuck in my head. and maybe like my firstborn, will need to be extracted from me with one mighty push and the help of forceps..."

i read today that nicholas cage and his wife named their firstborn, "Kal-el". yes, aka clark kent, aka superman... don't you just want to slap people upside the head sometimes? i shouldn't be surprised really since, nicholas cage named himself after a comic book character as well...

anyway, here i am 30 wks along and feeling big as a house. this pregnancy has been really tough. i feel like i have this scowling little ruffneck sauntering around inside me - kicking and breaking anything in his path, tagging my insides with amateur graffiti, littering his testosterone about willy nilly, streaking in public.... this boy is not honoring my temple the way kidzilla did...

and if i were a vengeful bitter mommy, i might actually name him henson beckwith.... but, lucky for the wee lad, i'm not. but, he better not piss me of any more than he already is coz' that whole circumcision thing is lookin' mighty tempting.


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