Friday, September 01, 2006

blame "the thin man"

*i'm reposting this because youtube for some reason couldn't broadcast our video. the problem finally resolved though...

so, on rainy days, i get to the point where i have exhausted all interactive/creative ideas (playdoh, paint, imaginative play, candy land, puzzles, etc, etc...) to prevent the paloma and the porkchop from skinning each other alive.

so, how better to document our madness than on video.... i give you, the paloma's version of the barnes & barnes song, "fish heads":

mind you - i did not teach her this song (just like i didn't teach her to say "the bad guys are the french and the democrats"). and just in case you were wondering where the heck this was from, or just got nostalgic for the original experimental video, it's below:

the first time i saw this was on saturday night live. i remember that i was "too young" to watch/understand SNL. but i managed to somehow see this. those were also the days of the misadventures of mr. bill and mr. hand.

one of my favorite things to do that summer was to buy a mickey mouse ice cream bar and bite off the ears and re-enact mr. bill and mr. hand skits for my slackjawed friends.

i was a strange child.

good times.


Barb said...

Haha! That's cute. :) Did you know that Bill Paxton plays the dude in that video?

mamazilla said...

OMG! i had no idea! we all just watched the video again... how funny! i wonder if he thought for a moment that it would become the cult classic that it is today... too funny.


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