Sunday, September 10, 2006

pissy loser bowl

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so, we just had our block party last night.

the highlight of the block party was the cornhole tournament.

i sh*t you not. (apparently, that's what the bean bag toss is called in these here parts and... kentucky.)

the thin man placed second!

and what do you get for placing second in a neighborhood block party (where there's also a huge punch bowl of hairy buffalo and the doobie brothers cds on shuffle - "wooooooe!! hoooooe!! listen to the music!" EVERYBODY SING ALONG!) ?

you get a second hand, engraved silver trophy that says "hoyne ave cornhole" handwritten on a piece of dusty masking tape, placed over an engraving that says "University of Chicago Section of Urology, 1964-1980, Pissy Loser Bowl.

...and cut! check the gate. wrap summer.


tessence said...

DAy-um -- hairy bufallo looks like a mean, mean drink. This is so hilarious. I think I am in love with Chicago. And I think I'll be even more in love when this baby is exorcised from my body and I can drink.

mamazilla said...

for such a furry name, it was really quite pretty. all super shiny, seductively red, with an abundance of luscious summery fruit floating about... but, it was LETHAL. i was a wuss, nursing my little juice glass. :(

Anonymous said...

well, it was a tough battle all day out there in the tournament. I drew a guy I never met before as my partner, and of course I was nearly a total rookie at this "sport," having played it perhaps once in a drunken stupor about fifteen years ago in somebody's backyard in California. Still, we ran roughshod past my next-door neighbor (very bitter about the loss), the block party organizer's eight-year-old kids (stuff a sock in it, sons-HA!) and the block party organizer himself, who complained about the boards used in the tournament he organized, before we got crushed by two old-timers who play on a daily basis. So now I get to hold onto the "Pissy Whiner" bowl for a full year. Next year I will make sure I lose before the finals so mamazilla doesn't get mad at me for taking too much time getting back to the house. As if I wanted to stay out there that long just to get my ass whipped.

mamazilla said...

hey anonymous, ya kiss yer wife with that mouth? ;p


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