Wednesday, December 20, 2006

toddler sledders gone wild!

so, i tortured sent our family and friends this photo and the following update as our yearly holiday card. hmmm, maybe you have to know us IRL for it to be funny...

anyhoo - we'll be in palm springs tomorrow. so posting will probably be light until i get back... stay warm and out of trouble... ok, at least out of the papers! :)

"Welcome! Welcome to Fantasy Island! Happy Holidays!!

WOW. we’ve been SO busy lately, you know how it is… had to back up some friends and baby sit their kids in london while they adopted a baby from africa. then we had to fly off to italy for a friend’s wedding at this castle and then, another friend of ours was going thru some tough times in LA… a very emotional break-up (even though she was kinda on the rebound…)

levity, people… humor me. moms like me live vicariously thru the gossip rags….

anyhoo… when i last wrote, i was probably in the midst/mist of postpartum euphoria… yeah - WAY OVER IT. we have now achieved maximum toddler chaos. the good news – we’re adapting. the bad news – we’re convinced that one of the offspring is destined for horse husbandry and possibly an apocalypse and the other is destined for the finals on the hit tv show, “so you think you can dance”.

the paloma will be 4 in march. she started preschool at the end of september and attends 3 days a week, 3 hours a day. so far, so good. no threat of expulsion yet. however, she did bite someone (after sustained karate chop taunting) a few weeks ago. she’s also a little frustrated that they haven’t taught driving or how to use the force yet. she still loves dinos but has added horses and bugs to the obsession list. she’s also been taking swim lessons and loving them.

we just celebrated the porkchop’s first birthday on the 7th. he is a much easier baby than the paloma. *knocking frantically on wood* although, he did start walking at NINE months (i’m thinking of suing for breach of contract in response). he has four teeth. he never liked baby food and nothing tastes good unless it comes from mommy’s plate. we’ve JUST started to wean him. he loves to laugh and play “hide and go seek” and “chase paloma”. we think his first word was “stella” (our cat). he was baptized in august. BIG love to his godparents!

i’m still getting used to my new role of mom of two. i appear in many scenes including – parent/teacher conference, fundraising event, holiday party and parent coffee klatch. I keep auditioning for freelance illustrator and novelist roles but i never get a call back. i’m always getting cast as the stereotypical sleep deprived, malnourished, catatonic, diaper changer/glorified housekeeper. but hey, it pays the bills. ;)

the thin man had a good year in the courtroom, winning two jury trials and two summary judgment motions. he’s still playing volleyball and following the wins and losses of various UCLA sports programs. He also celebrated a B I G birthday this year. we estimate that since eloise started school, we’ve been struck down with at least 8-10 cold/flu bugs. we’re all hacking and coughing as i type. and no, we haven’t been out swing dancing in a while. as always, we hope that the new year will bring a little bit LOT more time for us as a couple again AND a reliable, trustworthy babysitter.

we made some improvements to the house this year. we got most of the wood trim stripped and refinished. it was an awful experience – the odor, living out of a suitcase, the immense clean up, etc… but, the trim looks absolutely edible – a dark chocolate color, ya almost wanna eat it! we also got the house rewired. that wasn’t nearly as bad and the electricians unearthed 15 electrical boxes for missing sconces original to the house. so, we early anniversary gifted ourselves some wrought iron sconces because nothing says love like wrought iron ambient lighting!

on the travel front, the thin man took a trip to maine in april for his nephew’s confirmation. in may, we all traveled to palm desert for some R&R and added a special sidetrip to Disneyland. the paloma just about FLIPPED OUT when she met Belle from Beauty and the Beast. she was tall enough to ride most of the rides so, the thin man was happy to traumatize oblige her. the thin man also made the quick trip (“way to spin it, thin man!” says mamazilla) to cosmopolitan indianapolis for UCLA’s appearance in the NCAA basketball finals and to exotic south bend, indiana for the UCLA v. ND game (“ON OUR ANNIVERSARY! he owes me big time.” says mamazilla.) in the new year, i will be taking a trip to the Philippines to see my oldest sister and meet my new niece who will born sometime in jan/feb and also to watch my little (?!) sister walk down the aisle.

lastly, we just wanted to say, “we *heart* you!”. this has been a tough year for some and for others, a year of miracles. often, we wish we could reach out and hold all of you close to comfort or congratulate. please know that we’re always a phonecall away (except on those days when the paloma has us tied up in the closet with a stale box of cheezits).


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Help Harrison Leonardo!

i just came across this story about a little boy named harrison leonardo. here's more:

"Harrison Leonardo is a two-year old boy who is fighting Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) and needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. He’s spent most of this year fighting cancer, which went into remission in August. Unfortunately his family learned the cancer relapsed just before Thanksgiving.

He is currently hospitalized and undergoing another round of chemotherapy while his doctors and family search for a donor.

Harrison’s family will organize several donor drives over the next few weeks throughout the Bay Area and beyond. Please check back here soon for info on more drives. There is no fee for minorities to register and get tested. Caucasians can expect to pay between $25 and $52, depending on funding levels. Testing is free of charge for public safety officers (fire, police, sheriff,etc.) of all ethnic backgrounds.

If you are unable to attend a drive you can still help by requesting a free testing kit be mailed to your home. To request a free kit, please call 1-800-59-DONOR (1-800-593-6667) or visit AADP.

A bone marrow donor must have an identical Human Leukocyte Antigens type (HLA type). His parents’ and brother’s HLA types do not match Harrison, meaning we are now searching for a non-related donor. A suitable donor will most likely have a similar ethnic background as Harrison, who is Filipino and Caucasian. There is also a chance a match can be found with someone who is of Asian descent or who is bi-racial.

i just called and requested three kits and emailed every filipino i know....


help harrison
harrison's mother's blog
asian american donor program

those of you in the SF Bay Area can register at the following drives:

12/19 (Tuesday) main entrance PG&E building- 77 Beale Street btwn Market and Mission. Auditorium lobby-enter to left of the waterfall San Francisco12pm - 2pm

12/21 (Thurs)San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2-Upper Level Lobby Area, South San Francisco 9am – 4pm.

12/27 Cathay Post (with the Firefighter’s Local 798 and SF Asian Firefighters Association) 1524 Powell St., San Francisco. 10am to 2pm.

1/6 (Saturday) - 3:00pm – 6:00pm, A marrow donor recruitment drive will be held at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland 659 14th Street, Oakland, CA.

Monday, December 18, 2006


i've been feeling very glum as of late - glum, as in, character in "the adventures of gulliver" tv show c. 1968 (RIP joseph barbera). hmmm, maybe i need to get "the banana splits" on dvd.

i feel like i'm constantly saying "it'll never work. we're DOOMED!"

and i hab a code. and i tink i'b hab dis sae code sins befo tanksgibing...

i talked to a friend of mine about the longevity of this cold and the possibility of it affecting my outlook on the holidays - cold medicine side effects, sleep deprivation, kids getting sick, etc.... i'll admit that i'm the uber-cynical pessimist in the family but, usually this time of year will buoy me up a bit. but for some reason, i can't crack even the fakest "lovely weather we're having" smile.

i know that part of my melacholic miasma is due to being profoundly affected by the loss of james kim (no, i didn't know him personally), a blow out screaming match with my stepbrother (for trespasses against my brother and BIL) and that hulking evidence of racism and racists that's housed pretty much everywhere i visit on the blogosphere (rosie, chicago politics).

i'm leaving for palm springs in a few days and i'm so worried that' i'll be so mired in the grey that i won't enjoy myself at all. most of our shopping is completed. the christmas cards are safely on their way. trip packing will commence soon...

i just don't know what's wrong with me lately... :(

Thursday, December 14, 2006


apparently, elizabeth is seeing an acupuncturist. and as he's inserting needles into parts of her body, he brings up the subject of rosie's ching chong to elizabeth.


right after elizabeth says that, rosie says, "ok. we have to talk about this." she goes on to explain/describe what happened and how it all began with danny devito. they even played the ching chong clip again. rosie says that she didn't know it was offensive. she didn't intend it to be offensive. she asked asian people she worked with and they told her that yes it was offensive. she was told that for asians, it was as offensive as the n word is to african americans, which she seemed skeptical about. so, she apologized BUT she also did say that she might say something like it again (can you BE any more VAGUE, rosie?) because "that's how my mind works".

then... THEN, i almost wanted to strangle someone. first of all, joy behar seems pretty dismissive of the whole thing. then, either she or rosie says something like," are there any asians in the audience?" and two asian women in a front row wave. joy asks them if they were offended by the ching chong and they go "NO!" and clap and say "it was really funny".

WTF!!!??? were they planted there or something???

anyway... they're still talking about it. i'm sure the clip will show up soon. i have it tivo'd if someone can explain to me how to get a tivo program up, i'll happily do it.

here you go... view while you can!

for more extensive coverage with eloquent and intelligent commentary about this go to reappropriate.

i'm just SO relieved that i don't have to watch this show anymore.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

happy first birthday, porkchop!

the birthday boy
Originally uploaded by mamazilla1972.

i can't believe it's already been a year. i wonder how many hours of sleep we got/didn't get.

you were born on a very cold night. and tonight it will be just as cold. it's a day that will be easy for daddy to remember, not just because it's "a day which will live in infamy" but also because 7+5=12. :)

i remember the next morning, holding you close and looking out the window of our room... a blizzard hit chicago overnight and instead of seeing a winter wonderland. it was a complete white out. i remember instantly worrying about your lola driving your sister to visit you for the first time in all that horizontal snow.

that was the first time i prayed for you postpartum. i prayed that you would get your eyesight from daddy's side of the family. and your hair from my side. ;)

you were a much more difficult pregnancy than your sister, the paloma, but your delivery was much easier. you were quieter than your sister too. she came into the world like a lion and you came in like a lamb. your sister was the best birthday present i ever received and you were the best christmas present.

although you were/are a much easier baby than your sister, you are as attached to me, as i am to you, little man... the transition from the family bed to the crib was just as hard for me as it was for you.

transtitions do seem to come harder for us... we JUST started weaning you and you never liked baby food, just table food... you have four teeth and you're a drive thru eater. you like to open your mouth get some food and cruise around the house and then repeat. you also started walking at NINE months. and you love to boogie outside of the womb, just as much as you did inside. so, pretty soon, i'm gonna get you a boom box, a cardboard box and some spray paint. we'll found "the MBC" - mamazilla bombing crew! we'll tag the preschool first....

you are constantly loving on everyone and everything and are equally and irresistably lovable. you are fearless and curious - a risky combo - just like your daddy. you laugh easily and often and are comforted quickly. and you, like your sister, want to grow up RIGHT NOW.

so, i'll tell you what i tell her.... just cool yer jets and cop a squat.

let's just sit here and gaze into each others big brown eyes and "talk" quietly all day long, just like we do when we go "sleepytime" - i'll just whisper "iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou" into your ear and you'll just whisper "shewhashoetoobaawaahaa" back into my ear, over and over and over again just like a mini jabba the hut, sucking helium....

happy, happy birthday baby! here's to many many many more.... mahal kita!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006



i just checked the view's video page here and they actually have the segment up of rosie o'donnell doing "ching chong". the video is labeled, "the view-hot topics-danny devito". it's about 3 minutes long and around the 2:06 mark she starts her "ching chong" thing.

i honestly thought i was hallucinating the whole thing because i hadn't heard about it via racialicous or angry asian man. so, i wrote to rosie via her blog to see if/how she would respond. nothing yet. i'll keep you posted if i hear anything....

UPDATE 12/7 :

the view got pre-empted by the president (what? is he covering up for her now?) i checked to see what videos they had available and there wasn't an apology. i don't know for sure if she apologized or not.

still no email from rosie. and on her blog, she's no longer taking any questions. so, i wrote and complained to barbara. that'll get me nowhere but i'm glad i got my measley 2 centavos out.

links to the video have been posted to racialicious, angry asian man, harlow's monkey and now - youtube and gawker (and um, what anonymous email tips... i didn't send numerous anonymous email tips to bigger bloggers than me.... wuh- huh? 0_o ) .

UPDATE 12/8:

i watched the view this morning and i didn't see/hear an apology either. it actually looked like a taped show. at one point, joy behar had mentioned her maiden named sounded japanese and then there was a *jump*. there was laughter where there wasn't a joke. it was weird.

the video has been taken off the view video site. but it's been youtubed:

however, rosie o’donnell has apologized (sorta???) and answered some viewer questions re: the incident on her blog:

1) Rosie:
for someone who comes off to be so sensitive and aware of lgbt issues, why did you think it was alright to mock Chinese people and the language on The View (re:danny devito: ching chong …)???

it was not my intent to mock
just to say how odd it is
that danny drunk
was news all over the world
even in china

it was not meant to mock

2) hi rosie,
i thought your impression of the news in china was a little offensive! it’s ok, though, I still love you-

didnt mean it 2 b offensive
in any way

3) Rosie, what made you think it was okay to make fun of the way Chinese people speak?

the joke was about the danny devito drunk news
making headines all over the world
including china
just comedy folks
no intent 2 harm


i dunno… ok, so she wasn’t trying to be offensive…

bottom line - it was racist thing to say and do, she should say so and she should apologize on the view since that’s where it happened.

and apparently, adam corolla gets together with guy aoki because he wants to help... whoa.

here's a great related post via tv guide's blogger, coggie. this especially rings true for me:

"When you grow up day after day of this, being blindsided by mindless cruelty, because you were born with features you can't cut out or facelift or transplant, you grow to develop a Pavlovian reflex-- similar to abused adults flinching when anyone raises their hands, because it cuts too close to home. It's a reflex I constantly have to fight. Constantly."

just so you know - ignorant people DO exist - here's proof (the bold is mine):

"Maybe I am utterly politically incorrect, but for the life of me I don't see how this would offend Chinese people. All Rosie did was mention that the DD story has gone international and imitated her version of a newscast in China. She wasn't exactly channeling Mickey Rooney in "Breakfast At Tiffany's." Chinese SOUNDS a certain way to our ears and she imitated it. She didn't hammer us with a stack of stereotypes. "

UPDATE 12/9:

rosie's rep says "i certainly hope that one day they will be able grasp her humor." via and the NY Post

i say, WHAT THE F*CK!? this has nothing to do with whether or not she's funny. it has everything to do with her saying something racist and inappropriate and not admitting to it or apologizing for it. by brushing it off, she's basically saying, "hey everybody, it's okay to mock asians with ching chong. you're not racist. they're just being too sensitive."

UPDATE 12/10:

no emails from rosie or barbara.

racialicious has a new post up about guy aoki and adam corolla joining forces which reinforces what angry asian man had to say about it. and people are still talking about rosie even though she has a LOT of defenders, i'm glad the dialogue is still going.

reading a LOT about rosie, i've been reminded of the many times i was "ching chonged" or the experiences of friends of mine. i've read other bloggers similar stories too - like mama nabi's or hiromi's. i'm also reminded of the time when my stepsister was ching chonged and then beat up by a group of unknown white guys because they claimed she was "taking away their jobs".

i wonder when i'll be comforting my own children when they experience their first racist taunting. i just hope i'm there when it happens so, they're not alone.

UPDATE 12/11:

i keep forgetting to mention two things - the wikipedia entry for ching chong has been updated and i found this website where you can submit and discuss with others your own ching chong experience.

the new york daily news has this new article up.

i still haven't received any email responses from rosie or barbara.

i checked rosie's blog and found that although she's not taking any questions, she's still answering some. here are two:

"JP writes:

Hey Roside, why aren’t you getting your head out your butt and be more sensitive to Asian-Americans.Don’t post this message and see how you are hiding your true facade.You suck and need to get off tv.

go fuck urself jp"

(i'm very angry about rosie's racist remarks, but i'm not going to disrespect her because then i would be like her. don't be like rosie, people.)

"Leema writes:

U r a great role model. I respect ur courage. I’d like 2 know what makes u imitate a foregn language as a joke. It’d be funny if u knew how 2 speak it, it sounds racist and ignorant, which u r not.

i am irish
i do an irish accent - make drunk jokes - stgerotypes
this is comedy

i do many accents
and probably will continue to

my mom in law impression offends some southerners
what can u do

i come in peace

UPDATE 12/11, 10:37 pm:

rosie has answered more questions/comments on her blog, but still nothing approaching an apology. if anything, there are more comments in support of her than against her. i can only wonder how many questions/comments she's hiding. basically, she says a) she didn't mean to offend anyone b) she's ignoring us c) she thinks we're blowing this way out of proportion and that our reactions are "odd" :

"Chao writes:
Rosie - I am very appalled at your comments on The View regarding Asian people. They were so insensitive and hurtful. How can you possibly explain this and what can you say to help heal my wounds?

sorry u were offended chao
it was not my intent

Beth writes:
It’s so silly that Bill O’Reilly is having a segment on how you angered the Asians -you didn’t do anything at all - you were saying how silly it is that Devito became world news! Don’t listen to them!
i dont

toni writes:
Ro, I can not believe that the Chinese are mad at you about a JOKE!!! Oh My God, lighten up people. Bill O’Reilly even stood up for you tonight on “The Factor”! Calm down people it was just a joke!
go bill

Yves writes:
Rosie-I don’t see the big deal about the Chinese routine. You’ve done English accents before on TV and the Brits didn’t get bent out of shape. They took it out of context and they need to chill.
the whole thing is odd 2 me

Max writes:
I’m a hypersensitive politically correct leftist. I checked out YouTube to see what the fuss was about. Give me a break! You were speaking Gibberish to symbolize a language you didn’t know. So what?!
so what is right

Hiroyuki writes:
Rosie, Till this latest incident I was on your side. How could you use racist stereotyping? If what you say in the past is true, what you say in the unguarded is true - then I guess you are a racist
come on hirou gotta be kidding"

this is the problem that i have, rosie. i imagine that the majority of the audience of the view are "1 million bored housewives" and like me, many of those bored housewives have kids. since viewing and applauding and approving your racist ching chonging, those 1 million bored housewives are turning to their children and tsk-tsking "those asians" who are much too sensitive, have no sense of humor and are "a-ok!" to make fun of per rosie.... THAT'S what i have a problem with. and the thing is - i'm not saying it would have happened whether or not you'd stuck your foot so far up your mouth that you were cleaning your ears. but now that you have, you've only made the problem that much worse. you've only made more work for mothers of color like me. THAT is why i'm upset. THAT is why i demand an apology to be said in front of that cheering and applauding public that supports you so wholeheartedly. rosie, just an fyi - these people were laughing and applauding with their children too.

i haven't seen any alerts for any campaigns so i urge you to complain and demand an apology. (it could happen - details magazine apologized. shaquille o'neil apologized. adam corolla apologized.)

abc television has it's own contact form here. and you can write or phone:
ABC, Inc. 500 S. Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521-4551 (818) 460-7477

lastly, i'm going to tivo that bill o'reilly re-broadcast with john liu. a recap of it should be up on his website by midday tomorrow if you missed the original broadcast like me.

UPDATE 12/12:

i was curious about rosie's rep cindi berger (who also reps barbara walters, mariah carey, jessica simpson and the dixie chicks). i found an old article about rosie and cindi and spinning media hype. here's cindi's contact info by the way, if you want to complain to her directly too:

Cindi Berger, PMK/HBH Public Relations, (212) 373-6118,

i just saw this depressing thread of comments on a post from gothamist. this sh*t just leaves me speechless. it's weird that people think this kind of taunting only happens to children - and like that's NOT a bad thing.... as if we somehow "forgive and forget". newsflash america - it doesn't stop when we grow up and so we can't forget.

the porkchop just went down for a morning nap. so, i'm just about to watch the bill o'reilly from last night. *rolls eyes*

UPDATE 12/12, 10:42 pm:

it's late and i've had a long day, but i had to check in... sorry in advance, if the following post is fuzzy...

i watched the factor from last night and was SO disappointed. bill o'reilly really couldn't see the reason for the outrage in the asian american community. and although john liu did a good job of voicing the collective opinion(s), i just don't think he was as tough as he should've been. it almost seemed like he backed off further and further into the interview. towards the end, he said something like, "i don't blame rosie. i blame barbara." WHAT!?

two things that stood out to me... 1) bill o'reilly thought it was just chinese people who were upset about this - a sentiment that is common in comment threads. that doesn't surprise me but, does he really think that the average non-asian can tell which asians are chinese or not? 2) bill o'reilly suggested that the view interview john liu and other asians on their show. i say, "YES!!!"

when i watched the view today, i was disappointed again to find that there was no apology offered even though a) all the ladies were talking about the importance of religious equality and that the seattle airport should have representations of kwanzaa and ramadan in addition to the christmas tree and the menorah and b) barbara actually brought up danny devito AGAIN.

rosie answered some more questions/comments on her blog and added a mini pseudo apology:

"Ben writes:

If the joke were about fat people and instead went: “Fat people around the world heard it. They probably said, ‘Gobble gobble, munch munch, DeVito, drunk, munch view, gobble”.’ Would it offend you?

it would offend me
as it makes no sense

but the joke was about
the abusrdity
of danny devito drunk on the view
then the offensive ching chong
and we’re off 2 the races

Ploy writes:

Did you really think that chinese bit was funny? Going “ching chong” is exactely how people degraded and mocked my family all our lives. It’s distasteful and it hurts me that it comes from you.

i am sorry it hurt u poly
all the people who made fun of u
in a negative way
for being who u r

my bad accent was not meant to insult or degrade
linguistic incompetence - guilty
mocking - never

mel writes:

i love you rosie and i’m not offended by your asian joke but the reason people are is because you weren’t doing an accent. you weren’t speaking actual chinese, just mocking their speech.

i wasnt mocking
thats my best impression
accents r tough
on the whole

Catherine writes:

U r an advocate for the gay community. U r a full-figured woman in a culture that doesn’t embrace it. Shame you can’t look beyond your world to try to understand the grievances of others.

but i do
really - i do

denise writes:

Rosie you would have had a cow if someone did what you did to the chinese about Gay people. For Shame.

like someone doing a gay guy with a lisp
like i do
a lot

4 shame back at ya"

UPDATE 12/13:

rosie is taking questions again here.

she's also answering more questions/comments and on a positive note, she says "i will b more sensitive / promise". see below:

Sarah writes:

So I guess it’s ok if I make GAY jokes if I call myself a comedian? RIGHT.

You have a lot of nerve blowing off your Asian joke considering how damn sensitive you are about GAYS.


my ass isnt fat
its my stomach
sweet sarah - i sould like a delightful woman

John writes:

Miss O’Donnell, I was wondering when your public apology for insulting the Asian American community will be? P.S. I will make it my personal vendetta to make this public to everyone I know.

do ur best john

go in peace

Ben writes:

You say how you dont understand what the fuss is about, but its hard 2 understand w/o having grown up Asian. Imagine a derogatory gay joke. If YOU got bent outta shape about it, I WOULD understand…

i am sorry it hurt u
i didnt think of it the way it was taken
i will b more sensitive

WHOA! i'm watching the view and i think joy just said that they're going to bring up the whole "rosie hates asians" thing on the second half of their "hot topics" segment!

nevermind... joy just meant they were going to talk more about whatever they were blathering on about in the second segment...

ha! apparently, bette midler's daughter is studying in china and she just came back from an enjoyable visit there and she said something like you guys better watch out 'cause i think they're going to all be showing up here tomorrow. to which rosie had nothing to say... which got me thinking - the following people are going to be on the view in the next couple of days. i think we should make sure they know about rosie's ching chong. maybe they can ask her about it on the show...

dari alexander
susan sarandon
julianne moore
gladys knight

UPDATE 12/14:


apparently, elizabeth is seeing an acupuncturist. and the brought up the subject of rosie's ching chong to elizabeth. THANK YOU ELIZABETH'S ACUPUNCTURIST!!!!! right after she said that, rosie says, "ok. we have to talk about this." and she went on to describe what happened they even played the ching chong clip again. rosie says that she didn't know it was offensive. she asked asian people she worked with and they told her that yes it was offensive. she apologized BUT she did say that she might say something like it again (can you BE any more VAGUE, rosie?) because that's how her mind works.

then... THEN, i almost wanted to strangle someone. first of all, joy behar seems pretty dismissive of the whole thing. then, either she or rosie says something like," are there any asians in the audience?" and two women in a front row wave. joy asks them if they were offended and they go "NO!" and clap and say "it was really funny".

WTF!!!??? were they planted there or something???

anyway... they're still talking about it. i'm sure the clip will show up soon. i have it tivo'd if someone can explain to me how to get a tivo program up, i'll happily do it.

here you go... the apology in all its lameness...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

here's a list of blogs who have posts about rosie's ching chong act:

once you go asian(NSFW)
celebrity satan
tv squad
no man's blog
michelle malkin
brilliant but cancelled
crocodile caucus
the think
yellow americans

honestly, im not able to keep up with all the blogs that are posting about this. so, PLEASE let me know which ones i missed! THANKS!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"ching chong"? really?

so, did anyone else see rosie o'donnell on the view this morning? joy behar was talking about how danny devito's (drunken?) appearance on the show last week made them so popular that they were probably being broadcast in outer mongolia.

then, the porkchop started to cry (yeah, sometimes joy behar makes me cry too) and i didn't hear what rosie said next in response to that... but when i got back to the tv, what i did hear (i'm 90% sure) was "ching chong, ching chong, the view, ching chong, danny devito, ching chong, ching chong". and again, there was a porkchop intermission and when i came back, joy behar was talking with some random made up accent and rosie asks (i'm paraphrasing), "who is that you're talking like?" and joy behar says (i'm paraphrasing again) "i dunno. some terrorist from over there."

seriously. anyone remember adam corolla's use of ching chong? or that radio dj in ohio?

i keep looking for replays but i can't find any. just wondering if anyone else saw this?

julia sweeney (SNL's Paaaaat) was also on the show talking about her new show and cd. she also talked about her adopted daughter, mulan (which was her name in china, she's not named for the movie.) she has some funny a-parenting anecdotes on her blog.


Friday, December 01, 2006

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120106 005
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snowed in.
please airdrop following provisions stat:

veggie booty.
nutramax senior cat food.
pineapple juice.

oh and buttons, a carrot, some coal and a corn cob pipe....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


so, fellow closeted wiggle fan, i'm sure you've already heard that greg page is rumored to be leaving the wiggles... :(

see here and here and here and of course.... here.

i know that another member of the wiggles crew is subbing for greg right now (GET WELL GREG!!!!!), but just in case "the powers that be" pull a "miss melanie > leo > nina" dealio...

i thought i might offer some visual aids:

let's look at the top three -

lance bass - i don't see the resemblance frankly but, this would be a perfect match considering he's already experienced in singing and dancing in front of thousands of children and starring in/providing the voice for characters on many kids tv shows. so, maybe they slip a little grecian formula in his shampoo and darken up the brows a bit... they may have to reconsider the yellow shirt though- i don't think it complements his skin color....

paul celan - um, not so much. cause he's um... d. e. a. d. the poetry thing might've helped though...

adam corolla - omg. i can't believe i didn't see the similarities before!!! it's kinda eerie in that "separated at birth" way... if only we could put lance bass' brain into adam corolla's body...

whoa. maybe they already did....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

whaddya want for christmas?

i hate answering that question... i always give up and say the same thing all the time, "just get me a gift certificate." i figure this way it saves both of us time and energy. they don't have to think about something and then shop and wrap it. and i don't have to pack a gift away with so many others (that i can't/wouldn't wear/use) and walk all the way to the thrift store to donate. horrible, i know... i don't do this with all my gifts, but there are a fair number that are well intentioned and wonderful, but... no.

so. for those of you who have asked the question (and you know who you are) - i will finally answer it for you... with the help of wists. (thank you, barb aka cat mom, goalie, closet genius)

basically, wists allows you to save all the goodies you want in one big wishlist. and here's mine:

i dunno about you but i'm pretty hooked on the whole wist thing... everyone needs to get in on this action....

Monday, November 27, 2006

great expectations

great expectations
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personally, i'm not one to have too many expectations. this goes quadruple for christmas. but, i wasn't always this way....

every december 5th, i'd write my santa letter and place it gently inside my stocking - making sure that it was not too deep 'cause who knows how bad santa's eyesight really is, right?

and every morning of december 6th, i'd wake to find the letter gone and a small candy or random bric a brac in its place. to me, it was a diminutive guarantee that i had indeed made contact with santa. i was assured that there was "something" in the works.

well, christmas day would finally saunter in and i was almost always disappointed. and i started to think there was something developmentally wrong with ol' kris kringle. don't get me wrong - it was ALWAYS great to get anything for christmas. i was ALWAYS thankful. but, i just never got quite what i wanted, despite the letter... i mean, i even started to suspect my penmanship or my spelling... and i was a champion, C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N, champion speller...

one year, i asked for twister. and who doesn't know what twister "the game that ties you up in knots" is, y'know? the game with the dots and the hands and feet and the bodies and the laughter, etc... on christmas morning, i knew from the small wrapped rectangular box that i didn't get the game. instead, i got a knock off, wanna-be barbie doll named "twister" (seriously people, they sold them at woolworth's).

another year, i asked for a pair of "candies" - i don't know why - i just wanted a pair. yes, i was much too young to have them. but i remember i wanted to be the "bad sandy" from grease - starting with the shoes (shut up. i knew plenty of boys who wanted to be "bad sandy" too) and lo and behold, i peer inside a shoebox (i sh*t you not) and there were a pair of candies... DOLLS. there were two, candies brand, wanna-be barbie dolls - a blonde and a brunette.

mind you - i NEVER asked for barbies in my santa letters. i thought dolls were so weird... i totally did/do not get the whole "doll play" thing... intellectually or physically... even when the paloma wants to play with dolls, i have to admit, i try to steer her to another activity because i just hate to play with dolls. i'm so glad that she has other friends who will play dolls with her because i just... i'm just not wired for it...

years later, after "the secret" was out, i realized how hard my mother (an immigrant who didn't know all that much about american culture to begin with and certainly did not have the money to buy the presents i asked for) tried to get me the things i "wanted" - not just the stuff i "needed". i'm making my mom a pair of those silly clogs.... i know she'll get a kick out of them, especially since she was the one who taught me how to knit and purl in the first place. :)

anyhoo... i do have a point to this post - chicago's empty stocking program.

some friends of mine have been doing this for a year or two now and if we actually have some $ to spare, i hope to start this tradition this year too. approximately, 20,000 letters are written by chicago area children from low income families to santa. if you send the sun times your contact info, they'll send you one of these letters. you are asked to spend at least $25 and that your gift be delivered by december 20. i've seen some of these letters and they just about break your heart with either too much cuteness and/or too much sadness...

well, we've been stricken down with "The Cold Virus That Ate Our Immune Systems"... i hope your holiday seasons got off to a happier start than ours! *cough* *hack* *wheeze*

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


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i was going to post some cute pic of an innocent baby pig sleeping on a bed of clean sunlit hay but the reality is there's filipinos out there getting ready to pig out on some pig... 'cause well, we don't do turkey. so, look out, porky, wilbur, babe... your days are numbered. oink, oinky, oink-y, oink, oink!

anyhoo... one of the things i enjoy about blogging is that i can look back at what i was pondering in 2004 (halloween decor, knitting, the beastie boys, toys for adults but not "adult toys", blog explosion, nigella lawson,the lamb purse, women bloggers cycles, gay men and boston market) and 2005 (howard stern, toilets, child free zones, popzillas b'day, snow, harry potter, contractions).

i can't believe this time, last year, i was already dilated and eagerly awaiting the birth of the porkchop. (and yes. i promise. i will not eat him.)

i realize now that this time of year i'll probably always be doing about the same thing(s)... fantasizing about eating lots of food, thinking about what i did the year before, planning/signing/mailing christmas cards, frantically buying/making christmas presents, stressing out, contemplating therapy and the pros and cons of a lifetime on meds, etc, etc...

this year, we'll also be back at my aunts house, where the usual filipino feast (lechon, rice, pansit, lumpia, chicken adobo, empanadas, dinugguan, leche flan, etc...) will be laid out. MASARAP!!

as usual, i feel guilty that the thin man will have to go without the traditional american thanksgiving meal he's so familiar with and that he usually shares with his mother's side of the family. i have been lucky enough to share in the big thanksgiving lunch... snack... dinner... late night snack... next day turkey shake...

i hope that the paloma and the porkchop enjoy our thanksgivings with our extended family. i wasn't always so fond of them. as a child, i often wished i could have a thanksgiving like all the "other kids" (the ones outside of logan square) with turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes...

which got me thinking... does the filipino feast have more in common with how puerto rican americans celebrate thanksgiving? i've heard filipinos called "the puerto ricans of the orient". so, i did a very itty bitty limited amount of googling and found that boricuas also have lechons as the main "foodporn" of celebratory meals, but i guess they do turkey "con sabor" for thanksgiving.... i also found this great puerto rican thanksgiving menu. i can hear the kids rousing from their naps so i don't have time to google re: how polish americans and mexican americans celebrate thanksgiving.

so, dearest thin man, tomorrow, let's just pretend you're kicking it in san juan with your dad and your primos (we'll pretend "the crazy lady" is in costa rica...) dude, you have to get in touch with the puerto rican in you 'cause i need in on that coquito action...

the paloma was telling me that she is thankful for trees - "because trees let birds make nestses in them and squirrels live in them and they scrub the air and they don't fall down if i don't use too much toilet paper."

i'm thankful for so many things, my family, my friends, my (deteriorating) health, my home, the blessings and daily miracles that i always neglect to acknowledge, the trees...

so, happy thanksgiving everyone! now, GO GET THAT PIG! :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

no. i don't have better things to do...

111606 002
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so, i like to hide (from people, responsibilities, impending doom aka the holidays) behind stuff...

i was most recently hiding behind a pair of GARGANTUAN fiber trend clogs that i was making...

but i'm done now... they're felted and embellished with felt flowers (that i made) and everything...

111606 021
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so, now i have to find something else to hide behind...


wait... i'll just make more!!!!

and read a book....
and rear children...

who wants clogs? anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

nothing to see... everything's fine... just dandy...

111606 007
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truth be told, the past week or so has been really insane... i've only thought of institutionalizing, four times.

things i have learned from this experience...

1) the next time we pay someone to redo anything in the house, we're also going to go away - even if it means we're sleeping in a storage space for a few days

2) double the time estimate. two days = four days.

3) sometimes homeowners will install linoleum over perfect hardwood floors and then decide they don't like it. but instead of just ripping out the linoleum, they will install a plywood underlay (with 2 inch long screws, 2 inches apart from each other) and incorrectly install ceramic tile on top of that with grout that constantly cracks and breaks off. and there is NO way to restore a perfect wood floor after all that. there is just crying and more crying and voodoo magics...

4) dust will find a way into everything. so, pack the room, like you're moving. what the heck, just repack the house and move.

5) ceramic floor demolition & replacement = an arm and a leg
eating out for every meal for four days = all the change in child's college fund
child not eating grout = priceless

111606b 001
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Monday, November 13, 2006

happy birthday thin man!!!

dj baby pic
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just so you know - there is stuff and people, older than you:

your mom
your gram
our house
our neighborhood
the lake
the city
the president
the mayor
frankie manning
coca cola
the shoe
the book
the lightbulb
cars (in general, not the animated film)
the continents
your fraternity
kidney transplants
mickey mouse
the interstate
the music you listen to... (well, except those justin and kelly people)

so, yer old, but not THAT old...

see... i can be one of you glass half full, silver lining types...

happy! happy! yada yada yada! :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

south siiiiide!!!

110806 004B
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the nameless, faceless and almighty "THEY" have finally begun (re-?, de-?) construction on the park nearest and dearest to our hearts (and our address) hurley playlot park.

this morning, we were passing by the site on our way home and saw the above sign. it says:

"Put in a Pirate Ship or we will eat your SOULS! (questions?) 1-708-229-XXXX"

nuff said.

don't mess with beverly.

we train pirates.

(just an fyi - this is what used to be at the park...)

Making a run for the slide on Hurley Park, Longwood Dr
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

i look like...


first row: holly hunter, laura dern, norkys batista, matsu takako
second row: anastacia, jolin tsai, maggie cheung, angelina jolie

i must've broken the program if they think i look like ANY of these women.

...and i married greg brady aka "johnny bravo"...

first row: simon le bon, barry williams, aidan quinn, kenneth brannagh
second row: franz beckenbauer, roy livingston, tom petty, mark bautista

thanks to bloggo chicago for the laughs!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

is it just me?

flying ice
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or is it cold in here?

three mornings a week, 4 times a day, the kids are bundled up and we walk a handful of blocks (twice downhill and twice uphill) to and from the paloma's preschool.

this morning, i open the door and a strong gust of wind blows right through me. it felt like dull metal scraping against a cold dry hollow bone.

since then, i've been trying in vain to get warm. i have the space heater on, as well as a sweater and some socks (ok, they're holey). but, i’m still cold.

lots of stuff leaves me cold lately.

i worry about this war, and all the constant "us v them" conflicts in real life and online - whether its the democrats vs the republicans, white people v poc, poc v poc, sahm v. wohm, childfree v. the parents, the mommybloggers v. the mommyblogger haters...

most of the time i want to say something... i want to enagage in the dialogue. but i never feel like i have enough information about an issue which makes me feel like an idiot so i'll just keep trying to get more educated about something. i need to see all the sides, all the shades of grey. i just keep reading and reading… but i don’t have enough time in a day nor enough brain cells to read and process all this information, but i obsess and do it anyway… i don’t get any smarter about any issues… don’t even get me started on voting.

for example, i know TOO much about melinda duckett. among many things, i just recently found out that she and her sister were adopted from korea. i keep wondering about her sister and how she's coping. i also found out that melinda kept a myspace account under what people speculate was her korean name, mee kee ong lee. i wonder what she was like and who she was and how brave she was to become a parent at 21. i hope and pray that trenton is alive and well.

on a related note, since the celebrity adoption of angelina jolie’s zahara, i’ve been reading a lot of transracial adoptee blogs. so, madonna’s adoption of david banda has been on my mind a lot recently as well.

i saw the madonna interview last night on dateline nbc with meredith viera. there are links to the interview videos here. in the interview, madonna said something like, “in american orphanages, children get all their basic needs met. they have clothes. they have food. they have medicine. they have adults that look after them. there is nothing like this in africa... it’s a state of emergency....”

so, i reluctantly click on the video of david’s orphanage, home of hope. i expect to see footage like this heartbreaking 45 min video of homeless children from north korea. instead, i see smiling children who are clothed, who have what looks like a lot of food (not necessarily food that an unadventurous american would eat, i suppose) and though most of the footage is of the children, you see adults in the background caring for them. so, of the thousands of malawi orphans who truly live in dire straits, who are in need of basic things for survival - immediate medical attention, clothing, food, shelter, love - she chooses david - a child who isn’t an orphan, who isn’t ill and is cared for?

granted i don't know squat about malawi. it wouldn't surprise me if home of hope was the only orphanage of its kind in malawi. i guess what bothers me most of all is the portrayal of developing or newly industrialized countries as incapable of providing the necessities that define a “good” life. compared to what? life in america? don’t get me wrong – my life in america has been a blessing. thank you God! *knock on wood* but, it’s not perfect. whatever that is... the last time i saw "the third world" i was living in san francisco.

how would i know? well, i’ve lived “over there”too. and i’ll let you in on a secret – it ain’t all that bad. sometimes i think there's a note on maps that says "here be savages" instead of "here be dragons" anywhere that isn't "a first world".

back in the philippines, near manila, where my family lives, i think we were/are considered middle class. anyway, in the 70s, i remember that the kitchen was the only room with running water. there was an outhouse in the back with a porcelain toilet - no seat, no tp. next to it, there was a large plastic barrel of water with a small plastic bowl floating in it – used for flushing and washing. there was also a large cement room with a green plastic roof. in the middle of that room there was a steel pan, maybe three or four ft in diameter that looked like a giant bottle cap, crimped edges and all. there was another large plastic barrel of water with another small plastic bowl in there too – used for washing. there were two bedrooms. my parents had one and the kids (four of us) slept in the same room - my oldest sister had a hammock. my brother had a bed and my youngest sister and i slept on the floor on a mat.

brownouts were common. so, we did our best to do most things without electricity. we didn’t have air conditioning. very little was kept in the refrigerator where it could spoil. our clothes were cleaned by hand. out on the street, sewers were open but somehow we all avoided getting sick. often my parents tried "alternative medicine" to help with my cystic hygroma. nothing worked. but my grandfather lived many years on these "alternatives". and there were mosquitos everywhere. but, that’s what mosquito nets and caladryl are for. we kept pigs and chickens and roosters in nearby pens. and we had dogs. AS PETS. i remember a man would come down our street with a huge ox covered in beautiful shiny pots and pans for sale. i always wanted to stop him so i could touch the ox.

we ate almost every meal together. the only canned good we had was powdered milk. everything else was purchased fresh from the market (see refrigerator). my papa built our home over his hvac business. so we would often eat together with extended family and the workers. my father was around the office or the house whenever he wasn't at a job site. i did without so many luxuries we take for granted here. we lived very happily with very little. it was not a sacrifice. it was not pitiful. it was a very full good life. it's insulting to hear that that just isn't good enough in the eyes of the industrialized world.

of course, the philippines has its overwhelming share of poverty and corruption. i saw that too. i remember getting stuck in traffic over a bridge. it felt as if we moved an inch or so a minute. the bridge straddled a thin black river. on either side of the river bank, there were cardboard shacks. people were in the river washing clothes. there was a big pothole in the bridge near the shoulder. as we got closer to it i noticed the sky was getting darker and that soon it would rain. and it did. within a few moments a little girl had made her way to the pothole with a towel and a bowl and began to take a bath with her clothes on. i've never forgotten that girl and i wonder if she's still alive and if she's ok.

anyway, i continued my search for something warm and i finally found something. i just read this really inspiring story at harlow's monkey about an american family who lived in africa for a short time and during their stay adopted a sick baby boy. they cared for him in africa, until he was well and could be returned to his extended family. decades later, after they returned home to america, they were reunited with him and they continue to help him and still consider him their adopted son.

why doesn't this happen more often? why isn't this considered just as viable an option as surrendering a child to an orphanage or transracial adoption (not that i'm against either or that these things are bad) but couldn't this have been an option for david banda and his family as well?

ok. i think i'm done now... somehow, i just lost my train of thought...

Monday, October 30, 2006

daily affirmations....

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i wake up this morning...
i check my email...
i check to see what my favorite bloggers have been up to o'er the weekend...
i check my sitememter to make sure my one reader (you know who you are, mr/ms random hicksville, earth) checked in today and hmmmm...


[looks into mirror, takes deep breath]

i'm going to post a terrific blog today! and i'm gonna help people! because i'm good enough, i'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!

[looks back at monitor]

hello all! i'm mamazilla! well, i'm still receiving some new visitors from linkage generated by my worthless $.02 on the disappearance of greg page aka the yellow wiggle and encouraging depends porn. but that's o-kay. i have to give myself permission to spread useless information and unsavory blog comments every now and then.... o-kay.

for those of you who read this blog regularly, you know that i don't have interviews or guest bloggers, i always post alone and that's... o-kay. in honor of my new visitors, i would like to try something new today. something i was not ready to do yesterday.

see, yesterday God said, "mamazilla, i can get you a guest that you would be insane not to interview on your blog." so I decided to take a risk - in life, you have to take risks - so, today i have a guest to interview and her name is "daytona beaverlodge" - i'm changing her name to protect her anonymity.

MZ: daytona is a famous socialite, reality tv star and the future owner of a multinational hotel chain. well, that's very good, daytona, you should be very proud of yourself.

DB: well, thank you, mamazilla. i am.

MZ: well, good for you! good for you! um, daytona i know there must be a lot of pressure for you to look very good in person, and i can imagine that the night before a party, you must lie awake thinking, "i'm not thin enough.. everybody's smarter than me... prettier than me... i'm not going impress anyone... i have no business being alive..."

DB: well... um, not really. i have a prescription for...

MZ: daytona, denial ain't just a river in egypt. knowhatimsayin?

DB: i know where egypt is! there aren't any rivers there! those are trick questions. oh! but the venetian has a river in it. is that denial river? anyway, you know, sometimes i get nervous when i'm in egypt and i have to make an appearance at some really big rave or benefit or premiere or something and i find out that my XBFF is going to be there.

MZ: i thought so. and that's... o-kay. you're not alone. believe me, i know what it's like... laying there alone... all those tapes rolling: "i'm a fraud... tomorrow, i'm going to be exposed for what i am, a big imposter... i just want to curl up and lay in bed all day and eat veggie booty."

DB: well.. something like that... except the eating. i don't eat. and the laying in bed alone thing... no. way.

MZ: right. well, daytona, those negative thoughts are your critical inner thoughts saying those things to you, and i want you to replace those negative thoughts with someting positive - a daily affirmation.

DB: afromation? is that that new hairstyle from japan with the crinkle extentions? THAT'S HAWT!

MZ: no. affirmation. AF. UR. MAY. SHUN.

DB: affirmation? that's a really dumb name for a hairstyle.

MZ: yes. now, look in the mirror. come on, don't look at me. only you can help you. [DB looks in mirror] that's it. Say, "hello, daytona."

DB: "hello daytona"

MZ: "i don't have to abuse alcohol, share needles, prostitute myself, pretend to say idiotic things..."

DB: "i don't have to be a drinking, drugging, idiotic whore."

MZ: "i don't have to be cruel to animals, or binge and purge..."

DB: "i don't have to use animals as fashion accessories or stay a size 0...""

MZ: "because all I have to do is be the best par... i mean, daytona i can be."

DB: "all i have to do is be the best paris i can be."

MZ: "because i'm good enough, i'm smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!"

DB: "because i'm HAWT and people like me!"

MZ: now, don't you feel better?

DB: yeah. i'm so glad my agent told me to do this to get in touch with the middle america people and the moms and the chinese. it's so cool.

MZ: daytona, i'm filipino.

DB: whatever. look, you've reminded me that i'm a very happy, good looking person. i mean, i'm a blessed person, i'm like... holy... or something. my mom and dad give me money. i have a tv show. i make normal people, like you, famous just by being seen with them. and i give other people good feelings. and i inspire other people to help other people achieve their dreams.... i make people, like other girls and women, want to get up in the morning and shower and put on makeup and dress cool and stuff.

MZ: i... i am just a fool... i... i don't know what i'm doing... no one will ever read this blog again... i'm gonna die readerless, homeless and penniless and twenty pounds overweight.. and no one will ever love me...

DB: mamazilla, that's just not true. all of my fans will read your blog. well, after you translate your blog into english. and you speak english so well btw! doesn't THAT make you happy?! and there are lots of shelters in america and lots of people like you are on welfare and lots of people are fat and married in the midwest. or you can get a dog! they love unconditionally. and you have to walk dogs too... well, i don't, but you know what i mean... and besides if things get really bad, i know a LOT of people who would pay good money for that porkchop kid of yours. he's WAY cuter than that wall eyed tinkerbell i used to have.

MZ: but, i'm... i'm... wha?

DB: so, just don't beat yourself up that way. o-kay?

MZ: you're right. it's just stinking thinking.

DB: feel better? would you like a hug?

MZ: um, no. but, thank you, daytona. let's just shake hands...

[sounds of violent catfight, screaming, slapping, glass shattering, bones breaking, fabric ripping, a thud, then, silence.]

MZ: you know what? i think this is one of the worst posts i've ever written. and you know what else? i don't care! [ turns to his mirror ] because i'm good enough, i'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me because daytona beaverlodge is passed out in my basement and i'm gonna donate her to scientists for research!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

chicago filipino events

1) chicago filipino american film festival 2006

Festival Schedule:

7 PM: Opening Night Reception (free)
8 PM: Sandaan. Directed by Sonny Izon, this documentary explores 100 years of Filipinos in America.
10 PM: Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (You Were Weighed and Found Wanting). From the “Golden Age of Filipino Cinema,” this is Lino Brocka’s classic 1974 morality tale, starring Eddie Garcia, Christopher De Leon, and Hilda Koronel.

1 PM: Gift of Barong: A Surfing and Cultural Odyssey. Directed by Benito Bautista, this feature film follows two Fil-Am surfers searching for waves and discovering their cultural heritage in the Philippines.
3 PM: Sandaan (Repeat)
5 PM: Rigodon. Directed by Sari Dalena and Keith Sicat. A poetic
examination of Filipino Immigrants in Post-9/11 New York.
7 PM: Big Time. Directed by Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez. Michael De
Mesa, Nor Domingo,and Winston Elizalde star in this comedy/thriller.
9 PM: Where’s Francis? A quirky independent comedy starring Jeffrey Quizon,
Christopher DeLeon and Ricky Davao. Directed by Gabby Fernandez.

2 PM: Shorts Program
4 PM: Rigodon (Repeat)
6 PM: The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros. Directed by Auraeus Solito and written by Michiko Yamamoto (Magnifico). Featured at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.
8 PM: Big Time (Repeat)

2) Raul Sunico (pianist and dean of UST Conservatory of Music) in Concert

29th October 2006
Quigley Seminary Chapel
103 East Chestnut, Chicago
2:00 P.M.

Raul Sunico, internationally known pianist from the Philippines, will present a 90 minute concert. A free will offering is requested with all proceeds to fund music scholarships for students who qualify to attend the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music in Manila.

3) circa youth theatre opens "short acts"

A daughter, a mother and a grandmother confront hidden secrets from their past. A lesbian couple grapple with getting pregnant and sex change surgery. A neurotic social climber from colonial Philippines whips the wits out of a deranged woman. A rebellious daughter clashes with her parent’s elitist ways. A one-night stand between two friends shake up the marriage of one of them. Two friends find themselves on opposite ends about same sex marriage. These are themes that will unfold in an anthology of new works called Short Acts, a drama incubator showcase production by the Center for Immigrant Resources & Community Arts (CIRCA). Featuring short works by Lani Montreal, Larry Leopoldo, Thelma Virata de Castro, Louie Pascasio and Felix Racelis, Short Acts is a tapestry of works-in-progress illuminating issues and stories not often spoken in dinner table chatters. Designed as a way to expand narrative expressions using short length format, Short Acts is CIRCA’s way of encouraging new voices for community theater and is envisioned to promote the continuous exploration of the community’s history and experience through drama. Directed by Levi Aliposa, Daisy Castro, Mary Ann de la Cruz, Anida Youe Esguerra, Lani Montreal, John Ola and Louie Sison, the project is a collaboration with Pintig Cultural Group and Insight Arts. Short Acts goes on stage on October 19-21 and 26-27, 2006, Thursdays to Saturdays at 8pm at the Insight Arts on 1545 W. Morse, Chicago. Tickets are $10 and $7 for students and seniors. For reservations call, (312) 222-1551 or email us at

4) KA BA KA - In Struggle Karapatan ng mga Babae at Kabataan - a concert of awareness to stop violence and exploitation of women and children at

Martyrs' Restaurant and Pub
3855 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60613

With performances by: Lani Montreal , ACI9 and Bagwis Special Guest : Ms. Aiza Seguerra

Show starts at 6:30 PM, Doors open at 6:00pm, Tickets are $35.00

5) dynasty reunion v @ zentra nightclub

The orginal and biggest old school event to date is back! REUNION brings you to where Asian American nightlife began in Chicago. The only place where the best DJ's and performers of the late 80's and early 90's come out of retirement to join the best DJ's and performers of today. The only place and time you will see friends and relatives of the old and friends and relatives of a new.

Advanced tickets go on sale October 15th-November 20thTicket Prices:$12.50 (Limited Quantity Online Only) - OLD SCHOOL MIX CD INCLUDED$20 VIP (Express Entrance)Tickets can be purchased at

6) Pinoy Games

November 11
Insight Arts
1545 W Morse Ave
Chicago, IL 60626

$5* para maglaro (to play)
$7* para tumambay (to watch)
kids under 10 are free
*non-consumable fee

Featuring your favorite kanto games: Tumbang preso, Sipa, Patintero, Dama,
Sungka, Atbp. Please support our "mayor" Levi Alliposa, and his special guest, "Ogie
Alcasid." There will also be a Sari-sari and turo-turo stores where food and items can be purchased. All funds raised will proceed towards CIRCA and Pintig Events and programs

Friday, October 27, 2006

my sister...

my sister the welder
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who made butt prints with me on the concrete in the shower...

who played hide and go seek in the hanging laundry with me...

who can make anyone laugh... except when you find out she named her dog after you...

who swam out to a rock in the middle of the ocean because she was afraid of the dragonflies on the beach...

who stalked mom with a hermit crab from aforementioned beach...

who can steal all of your friends away from you, but in a good way...

who sat thru a painful double feature of blind date and hoosiers with me in an unairconditioned manila movie theatre....

who has been known to cry for hours about wanting to do something but when faced with the prospect of doing it will cry about not wanting to do it...

who goes for the welder mask when all other brides to be go for tulle....

i can't believe you actually conned someone into marrying you. ;p

between my older sister giving birth to my newest niece and my younger sister getting married, a trip to the philippines is probably in my future... no need to consult my magic 8 ball i guess...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Recipe for Blogging Hiatus...

Recipe for Preserving Children
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1 feverish, pissed off toddler on emotional rollercoaster.
1 walking infant developing intellectually and physically at the speed of light.
1 sleep deprived, broken and worried mamazilla, freshly faceplanted via doorways and walls.
24+ hours locked indoors due to outdoor temperature near freezing.

blend all ingredients together.
everything go "BOOM".

Saturday, October 21, 2006

happy annniversary, thin man! the IRON year!

wedding 2
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a review of our past five anniversaries together...

(because all the stuff before was... well... NSFW. heh heh... hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, knowhatimean...)

the paper year - we bought tickets to california and spent a few luxurious days and nights at the beautiful babbling brook inn in santa cruz, ca. and feasted on a romantic dinner at shadowbrook (with that tremendously cool 1958 funicular) in capitola.

the cotton year - the year we splurged on a week long vacation in london (because i was 4 or 5 mos pregnant with the paloma and we weren't sure when we'd ever get to travel to europe again). my favorite memory is taking the train to oxford, where we visited your other college and took that long walk and fed the deer at the grove.

the leather year - subterranean, candlelit, fondue dinner at geja's cafe with lots and lots of yummy wine and spanish guitar. you bought me my beautiful leather jacket that year. you can feed me fondue anytime...

the linen year - that was the "live like the pretty pipples" anniversary - a two night stay at the decadent park hyatt chicago and a delicious dinner at NoMI (with the michigan avenue table under the chihuly lights).

the wood year - how appropriate. we got all the floors (1st floor) stripped and redone last year. and i wrote this. and um... we suffered thru my pregnancy w/ the porkchop while we waited for the sox to win the world series.... which they did! SOUTH SIIIIIIDE! :)

and this year?


but, i'm not bitter.


(won't take much, they got schooled by the ducks last week...)

yeah, yeah... happy anniversary... thanks for the flowers... kisses... love ya... mean it... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...




Wednesday, October 18, 2006

madonna and angelina jolie have inspired me to adopt a baby...

suntan baby
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...from southern california, specifically a remote hilly village called "los angeles".

i had never been to southern california. i had been taught the history of the area in school but, i realized that there was so much about california culture and history that i didn't know about. for example, i was never told about... *chokes back tears* ...the suntan problem.

the first time i visited los angeles, i accompanied the humanitarian group called "SHADE". we were there to distribute sunscreen, new and gently used sunglasses, wide brimmed straw hats, long sleeve shirts and long pants.

from the moment we stepped off the plane, it was clear that we were "the other" and we were under surveilance. there were cameras EVERYWHERE. for some reason, they were especially focused on those of us with sunglasses and baseball caps. even at a local coffee shop, people ran us down in an effort to get away from the all seeing eye of big brother. i was so afraid.

this is a village so poor that the residents don't have enough money to purchase sunscreen. honestly, i don't think they even know what it is. men, women and children do just about anything and everything in direct sunlight. they don't realize they don't have to look and smell like a pan fried sausage link.i happened to bring a small bottle of sunscreen for myself and they shied away from the foreign smelly liquid. after a slow and gentle application, they got over their initial inhibitions and started applying it to each other and me. such beautiful people!

the los angeles environment is treacherous - frequently ravaged by earthquakes, wildfires and mudslides. the atmosphere is toxic. the roads are impassable. it took hours for us to get from point a to point b, even though people told us it would take 20 minutes. it's easy to see how these people barely eek out an existence. they simply cannot get the basic tools they need to defend themselves from the sun. a woman told me a story about when she had gotten so overly suntanned that when she walked, it sounded like she was wearing corduroy pants. but she had an appointment that she could not cancel. she got into her car and threw down the visor so hard that it broke off and now... now, she has severe cataracts and her skin is.... is peeling. luckily, the appointment was actually an audition for a voiceover and she was hired! stories like hers changed me forever. these people are my heroes. i do have one fond memory of the los angeles roads. whenever we were stuck in traffic, some of the natives would rush to our car to offer us oranges, flowers, cherries and peanuts. of course, we couldn't accept these gifts, but it just reminded us of how generous these people were. and that these people were not victims!

after i adopt a child from los angeles, i'll probably buy a small place there. and then, i'll focus on funding for los angeles schools. i couldn't believe how poorly educated some of the people were. i asked some of them if they'd ever been outside los angeles to manhattan or venice perhaps. although they nodded in the affirmative, they kept pointing west, towards the pacific.

anyway, when we're there we'll learn spanish together and we'll learn all about scientology. s/he'll spend a lot of time in the churches with the ministers, etc, etc... and of course, we'll have fun watching all the nifty helicopters.

back home in chicago, my child will know a world without tans, a city bordered by land on the west and water on the east, and a change of seasons, where you can never be too poor or too fat, where you can wear gym shoes outside of the gym and where we find uses for ALL of the cow.

Friday, October 13, 2006

proof that the paloma is the thin mans child

to the matterhorn
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and not the milkman's child... not that you NEED any proof of that, really...

1) has adopted the "what you don't know, won't hurt you" philosophy:

M - "paloma did you wash your hands?"
p - "yes."
M - "so, if i go over to the sink and look into it. it will be wet right?"
p - *looks left, looks right, blinks, walks back into bathroom, closes door*

*faint trickle of water going down drain*

p - "what were you saying, mommy?"

2) fluent in "attorney speak":

M - "paloma, please sit down in your seat. this is the second time i've asked you."
p - "i am sitting down in my seat."
M - "paloma, your legs should not be hanging over the side of your booster seat."
p - "mommy, you didn't say, 'paloma, sit in your seat P R O P E R L Y please.'"
M - *takes deep breath, counts to ten"
p - "mommy, i think you should sit on the step if you're in time out."

3) taste in music:

p - "mommy, would you watch my show?"
M - "i don't understand, do you want me to turn on the tv?"
p - *rolls eyes* "um, nooooo. i want you to watch me sing a song in MY show?"
M - "oh sure, i'll watch you sing a song. what song are you going to sing?"
p - "you can choose. i can sing, "sweet caroline" or "chiquitita" or "on the street where you live" or "the schpedoinkle song" or "take me to the fair" or..."
M - *blinks* "um, do you want to go outside for a walk?"
p - "no. no. YES! YES! i DO want to go for a walk."

4) physical appearance:

TTM - "i bought pants!"
M - *reviews purchase* "um, you bought pants for the summer?"
TTM - "whadddya mean?"
M - "i mean you're going to freeze your *ss off. those fabrics are WAY too thin for fall or winter."
TTM - "dear, i have so much hair on my legs i wouldn't worry about any of my appendages freezing."
M - "yes, my yeti love."

TTM - "um, is the paloma too young to get her legs waxed?"
M - *walks out*
TTM - "what?"

5) sleeping habits:

M - *bolts upright from a deep sleep because bed is violently shaking, turns to look at TTM"
TTM - *holding stomach and writhing, eyes closed* "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" *mumble mumble* "HAHAHAHAHAHHA!"
M - *turns on table lamp. looks at TTM, still laughing and mumbling, while asleep. turns off light.*

p - *sitting up in bed, eyes closed, sleeping* "no, because i don't want to, mommy."
M - *freaked out. watching the paloma*
p - "i said i don't want to!" *gets out of bed, marches over to a wall* "NO!" *stamps foot, wakes up, clearly afraid* "MOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!"

6) gastronomical peccadillos

p - mommy, i don't like vegetables except carrots, broccoli and lettuce.
M - i think you would like vegetables if you actually tried them.
p - i like plums.
M - really. what does a plum look like?
p - that's a plum.
M - that's not a plum. that's an eggplant. oh wait. you're right! that IS a plum! and since you like them so much. i guess i'll just HAVE to make them for dinner. i think you're daddy will LOVE them too! who doesn't love plums!?
p - YAY!
M - YAY!


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