Wednesday, September 29, 2004

flowers and a tan

d came home with some lovely flowers. :)

i always forget to tell him things that happen during the day or phonecalls that were made/received.

like - a woman complimented me out of the blue the other day saying. "my, what a lovely tan you have! has anyone ever told you that?" i said "no, but thank you" (thinking since i'm filipino). but a compliment nonetheless.

and t and s called to ask for the handyman's # and were just so nice - so glad were neighbors.

e is able to say more and more words. she picked up "cheerio", "ball" and "cute" recently.

feeling better about the whole flea fiasco... sort of. have to buy plastic pants!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

what does a lizard say?

what does a lizard say? Posted by Hello


so, it's been a while...

last night, i couldn't sleep because we found out the cats had fleas...

and how did i come to this conclusion? i got in bed. turned off the light. and got bit by a flea on my left arm three times. yes, i am officially "flea bitten". that's right, laugh it up.

thankfully, the pest guys come on friday to spray for all manner of milipede, spider and ant... adding flea to the list shouldn't be so hard... disgusting, yes, by all means... oh, and the cats are getting dipped this weekend. ha.

anyway, e has been awful clingy lately. esthetically, it suits me. i love it. especially when she needs to hug me while she gobbles up cheerios. on the practical side of things, she is the rock to my sisyphus (sp?).

have to think up halloween stuff. have to talk/write to i.


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