Sunday, March 28, 2010

BEST filipina role models EVAH!!! :)

i haven't been able to stop watching these Lolas (grandmas) dancing... AWESOMESAUCE!!!!

i'm so TOTALLY gonna embarass my kids and grandkids by dancing way into and after my "sexties"... LOL!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

a new friend for M

i used to live in a big, old, beautiful house on the south side of chicago:

but the house was located in a neighborhood i had a hard time living in because i don't drive... now, we are going thru the stressful and emotionally draining motions of foreclosure. but that's another post for another day...

when i reflect on the house and the neighborhood and what a toll this has taken on my life and the lives of my children and my husband, i am comforted by the fact that we made a handful of really amazing friends who i miss dearly, even though we're on the north side of the city... i really don't regret moving there and living there... i learned a lot about myself and the depth, ebb and flow of friendship and (blood) kinship... how members of a "family" (define as you will) will cleave, support and comfort their loved ones in those quiet, dark and sometimes threatening times...

anyway, one of my very closest and treasured friends has a wonderful son, M. he's in the hospital right now, going thru some surgery to help correct a VATER birth defect. he loves raccoons, tornados, tsunamis, volcanos, the color red, anything asian related (no, he's not asian) and playing violin. :)

so, i made this little friend for M. hopefully, we'll be able to visit him tomorrow and introduce them... :)

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Monday, March 08, 2010

in honor of international women's day:

posting my favorite song about filipina moms:

and a film about filipina women - that i just read/found out about via a tweet. thank you twitter!

currently it's only screening in dubai... hopefully, they'll screen it here in the US as well... :)

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

happy 7th birthday, paloma! :)

(click on whichever - music or video - you like first... couldn't quite figure out how to add music to my little movie...) :)

Norah Jones - Seven Years .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

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happy seventh birthday to my spinning, laughing, spastic dancing, tone deaf singing little girl... always keep your eyes open, always hope for the sun, always sing your fractured version of jingle bells to anyone who runs for cover....

i'll always worry for your fragility despite your toothy fearless smile and quiet courageous grace...

i love the little people you were, the lovely little person you are right now and am looking forward eagerly to meeting the smart, amazing, funny, inspiring, generous, heartminded person you'll grow up to be.


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