Monday, September 25, 2006

remember the scene...

When little ones get sick
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in "terms of endearment" when one of the kids gets the croup? and beautiful debra winger's in that steamy bathroom holding her child who's barking like a seal? for being sick and tired they look amazing to me, like an illuminated madonna and child portrait...

yeah, well, we didn't look like that saturday night. in fact, it's monday and we still look and feel like SH*T.

thankfully, after a good barf and a nebulizer treatment at the ped's office and a couple of puffs of albuterol via an "aerochamber" at home, the paloma is feeling much better. apparently, the croup imposed itself over the summer cold that she, the porkchop and i are fighting. he's doing ok and all i need is a padded cell, a stubby pencil, some mad libs and a gallon o' rum....

tomorrow, the paloma starts preschool... hopefully. fingers crossed.

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