Monday, October 02, 2006

to donate or not to donate?

Stuffed Animal Pants
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this past spring, we actually did a good amount of spring cleaning. only problem is, here we are on the verge of fall and all our stuff is still waiting to get donated.

yes, we could've held a garage sale.
yes, i know that some donation places pick up now.
yes, we could put it all in the car and drive it over to the goodwill.... yada yada yada.

OR i could make some r*ckin cool pants with the palomas stuffed animals!!!!! ( i thought people walked around naked at burning man...)

on a related note, i just read this over at citymama (who got an email from parenthacks).

there's a link to this inspiring story about edmay mayers, a member of the us army corp of engineers stationed in iraq, who is accepting donations of stuffed animals, candy, gently used clothing and school supplies for children in iraq.

her mailing address is as follows:

Edmay Mayers
APO AE 09331

she's also been communicating/answering questions via the comments section on the original parenthacks post. know you want to, you know you can, and you know that those lonely stuffed animals in that big plastic bag in your garage/basement/crawlspace want you to and know you can too...

then again, you could have the makings of a great halloween costume - "stuffed animal blob", "pile o' stuffed animals", "stuffed animals gone WILD!"...

FRACK! i'm so punless this morning.... and i was yea close to bringing up furries...

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