Wednesday, September 13, 2006

easy as taking candy from a baby?

biiiiig lick
Originally uploaded by broterham.

have you tried taking candy from a baby? as my blog states below...

i never intended anyone to take me up on it.

apparently, you can give candy to a baby, take it away, shoot a picture of his/her reaction and get $6000 for it. see more pictures here.

who buys this stuff and why?

what kind of creative process leads someone to this and why do they think its ok?

am i really so old that i don't get this?

don't answer that.

*disclaimer - ok, admittedly, that sick, perverted, college aged side of me thinks the pictures are a teeny weeny bit funny probably because my own children have fallen to pieces like this over less. but, i know why they're crying and they're usually clothed.


tessence said...

I think these pics could have a valuable clinical use -- they could help lactating mothers increase production. One look at that little girl and I felt my dry mammaries firing up again.

mamazilla said...

*SNORT* ok, i just laughed os hard, the paloma says to me, "what? what's so funny mom?"

and i say, "my friend just wrote me a letter and it said something very funny."

and she says "what?"

and i say, "pictures of little kids crying makes her milk leak"

and she says in the most serious voice she can muster "i don't get it. that's not very funny, mom."

alrighty then... O_0


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