Wednesday, June 13, 2012

adventures with tessa at vintage bazaar!

over the weekend, i hung with my homie, tessa, at the vintage bazaar's new home & chicago landmark - the aragon ballroom.

i ain't gonna lie.  the first thing we did at the vintage clothing, furniture & ephemera bazaar was STUFF. OUR. MUGS.

i was hongry... borderline hangry...

luckily, brown bag lunch truck, meatloaf a gogo, duck and roll truck, bridgeport pasty and beavers donuts.  and being the (un)conscientious health fanatics that we are, we started with half a dozen nutella dream (strawberry sauce + nutella) donuts:

seriously peoples, that stuff was so good, i'm sure it was also biblically wrong...  that's the stuff you go to confession for...  if you're catholic....  if you're a GOOD catholic.  tessa introduced me to amy le of duck and roll truck who made these insanely delicious bao tacos. i had the pork and tessa had the tofu:

*not pictured. see: inhaled. 

then, we meandered over to brown bag lunch truck, where we met joaquin, the angel (or apocalyptic horseman) who bringeth forth "The Meat"...  not that tessa had any because she is being very good & joining Nora's challenge of not eating meat this June...  (liar, liar, pants on fire...haha!)  we had the kim jong mmmm, some beer soaked chicken (someone dub this the drunken master!!!) and elotes w/ spicy mayo:

*not pictured.  see: inhaled.

ok, so.... we spent the rest of our food induced haze strolling the overflowing and overwhelming booths of the outdoor and indoor vintage bazaar...  although i used to be an avid vintage hunter, i've mellowed with age (and my moth eaten pocketbook) and only hunt for vintage sewing & crafting stuff, namely - vintage sewing patterns.

i gotta say i was a little disappointed in the pricing at the bazaar....  there weren't that many vendors with the stuff i was looking for, but it when i did see machines, books or patterns they were all kinda pricey.  i was especially disappointed that the vendors couldn't tell me for certain if their patterns were cut or complete, were asking $5-$10 per pattern. FTW?! one of the vendors had some modern - still in print - patterns in her stash and was selling them for $7.  SEVEN DOLLARS for a pattern i can get on sale - NEW - for $1.

i did find (overpaid, prolly) a handful that i liked.  i haven't had a chance to look them over yet though....  O_o

there were some really great booths, overflowing with vintage eye candy...  i loved the recycled bottle lights at vintage edison.  we also scored some coupons & gift certificates from AKIRA.  there was also an AWESOME popup barbershop from joe's barbershop

at one point, tessa and i took a break upstairs in the aragon's balcony seats....  & it occurred to me that i hadn't really taken any pictures at the bazaar...  :(  then, as we were making our way out of the bazaar, we found the smilebooth photo booth and took some silly pics:

i'm really looking forward to attending the next vintage bazaar, July 8th.

i also picked up a postcards for another local vintage event - vintage garage, july 15th, august 19th, sept 16th & oct 21st.

ennyhoo...  thanks for coming by and reading!


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