Tuesday, September 26, 2006

furst dey uff skool.

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we actually got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed our teeth and walked to school with ten minutes to spare. we got sent to the cafe 'cause the doors hadn't opened yet! yes, i realize that this will never happen again, but hey, allow me to pat m'self on the back whilst i can...

the conversation on our walk to school was kinda funny...

M: "so what do want to learn at school today, paloma?"

P: "i want to learn how to use the force and drive a spaceship and a car and a horse.... and i want to learn how to walk on a roof like mulan."

M: "well, um, i don't know if you'll learn all that stuff in preschool, but who knows, it's been a while since i was in preschool, maybe the curriculum has changed."

P: "mommy, i just have to ask nicely and say 'please'."

so, we get there and it couldn't have been more anticlimactic.... which i realize is a good thing, but i was hoping for just a little itty bitty waterworks.... at the very least, a cautious look inside the door, a long pause and a look back at mommy for support...

i got nuthin. i could barely get her to stand still for the picture. she just ran in. no kiss, no hug. zip, zilch, nada, gornischt.

so, i'm talking with a friend and the paloma's teacher comes out and says, "the paloma just ran into me and almost knocked me down with my first good morning kiss and hug." i reply, "what? are you showing off now?"

ok, that's a lie. i didn't say it but, i was thinking it.

so, i get home, put the porkchop down for morning nap, i stalk my fave blogs, i answer a phonecall from a friend whose depressed and happily, i un-depressed him, i picked my nose for a while, then, the porkchop woke up and we headed back out to pick up the paloma... (shuddup. this "free time" crap is kinda new for me....)

M: "so, how did it go? do you like preschool?"

P: "no."

M: "do you want to go back?"

P: "yes."

M: "did you learn anything new?"

P: "i learned that alex doesn't like to share his milk."

M: "didn't you get your own milk?"

P: "uh-huh, but i wanted some of his milk too."

M: "well, paloma, for some kids, it's hard to share. they just don't understand how to share or why. so, you just have to be patient and maybe help them and show them how to share. and maybe next time, just ask your teacher, if you can have some more."

P: "well, maybe next time alex should ask teacher for more milk. because he drank all mine and threw lucy's on the floor." *says with deep furrowed brows and frown, arms crossed*

hmm, that alex better watch his back.... my grrls 'bout to get all kinds o' ghetto on him...

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