Wednesday, September 20, 2006

now you see asians on tv, now you don't...

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i just read this post on kimchi mamas about the the lack of asian representation on primetime tv. actually, i always think about this because i do watch a fair amount of primetime tv. yeah, whatever. i'm one of "THEM". go erwin and godwin!).

but i just noticed the other day how many asians (females more than males of course) are on childrens television shows. so, i thought i'd compile a list of characters just for sh*ts and giggles... (not that i let the paloma or porkchop watch this much tv, but we've at least caught a glimpse of the shows that we don't watch religiously, like little einsteins....)

sarah on caillou
maggie on maya & miguel
alan on sesame street
keiko and shing ying on zoom
magistrate, tai tai, daughters, cook and reader on sagwa
kevin on the birthday show
jake long and family on american dragon
lilo and family on lilo & stitch
london on suite life of zach and cody
sophie on go baby
june on little einsteins
lou and lou and family on lou and lou safety patrol
kimee on hi-5
juniper lee & family on juniper lee (it looks like there are a bunch of shows which could have asian characters on them on cartoon network)

and on a related note, the show "wow wow wubzzy" was inspired by the creator's (bob boyle) niece and nephew who are asian. and i also know that ming ming on "the wonder pets" is voiced by asian actress, danica lee. and lastly, one of my favorite artists, seonna hong, is an animator on "my life as a teenage robot".

ok, i gotta go... i have more to say but no time left to say it.

the weather is cooperating and so to the park we go...


tessence said...

I was thinking about this last night while watching Sandra Oh blow the rest of the Grey's Anatomy cast out of the water on last spring's season finale. With the lack of recognition and juicy parts out there for Asians, how neat is it that Sandra Oh is actually the biggest name -- not to mention the biggest talent -- on that show? When the cast did a little tape for Oprah, Sandra wasn't even there. She was probably off filming another movie.

mamazilla said...

arrgh!!! i had to tivo the premiere last night. the paloma and porkchop have colds so of course we've gotten all of an hour of sleep for the last two nights... i've loved sandra oh for years.... i've noticed that grey's anatomy has brought on some big name guest stars lately and when they do have asian actors on, he stories are really unpredictable, challenging and off stereotype.


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