Thursday, August 31, 2006

my lullaby cd can kick your lullaby cds *ss!

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is anyone else watching gene simmons' show "the family jewels"? i'm laughing so hard watching this show that my nursing pads are leakin'! ok, no, not really, but it shuuure is phunnay! :)

i thought his other show, "school of rock", was entertaining. so, i thought i should check this new one out. really, you HAVE to watch this show. if you're a parent, your sanity depends on it.

i'll never forget when i was in grade school and burger king was giving away 78s (seriously. not 45s - they were 78s. smell the vinyl, people!) and i got a kiss one and an abba one. i ROCKED the first grade.

what's really scary is i've always thought that paul and ace were the cute ones... but i gotta admit, the more i see of gene, the more attractive he becomes... maybe he really does have an "in" with satan. hmmm...

anyway, i keep hoping that the geniuses at baby rock records will produce/release a kiss cd. they're very talented at immortalizing some of my (and your) favorite bands & their respective pop/rock anthems into itty bitty, baby powder pouftastic lullabies. i seriously want to hang with these peeps over some goldfish and pitchers o' leineys.

they have so many cds that i want to buy. but, i can never decide which one to buy or not to buy (aka the one that might actually cause trauma / lead to psychosis in the porkchop).

and... AND! they utilize glockenspiels, vibraphones and mellotrons to create that soothing sleepy somnambulistic sound! (i blame that whole rediscovery of esquivel frankly.)

currently available:

you can pre-order:
beach boys
the cure

to be released late '06, early '07:
led zeppelin
the pixies
queens of the stone age
no doubt
smashing pumpkins
the beatles

you know why you should buy these cds for your babies? 'cause your babies already bang their heads, gaze at their shoes, flip you off, ignore you, yell at you, get stoned on natural substances, exhibit violent behavior, swing moods like windchimes in a storm, etc, etc... they're on that road anyway, they should take along some solid good tuneage.

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