Tuesday, November 28, 2006

whaddya want for christmas?

i hate answering that question... i always give up and say the same thing all the time, "just get me a gift certificate." i figure this way it saves both of us time and energy. they don't have to think about something and then shop and wrap it. and i don't have to pack a gift away with so many others (that i can't/wouldn't wear/use) and walk all the way to the thrift store to donate. horrible, i know... i don't do this with all my gifts, but there are a fair number that are well intentioned and wonderful, but... no.

so. for those of you who have asked the question (and you know who you are) - i will finally answer it for you... with the help of wists. (thank you, barb aka cat mom, goalie, closet genius)

basically, wists allows you to save all the goodies you want in one big wishlist. and here's mine:

i dunno about you but i'm pretty hooked on the whole wist thing... everyone needs to get in on this action....


Barb said...

That site ia sweet, isn't it? Way better than an Amazon wishlist!

mamazilla said...

barb - dude! i'm a wisting maniac... i'm thinking of apartments in venice and zebras from harrods.... you created a monster!!! stop the madness!!!


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