Monday, November 13, 2006

happy birthday thin man!!!

dj baby pic
Originally uploaded by mamazilla1972.

just so you know - there is stuff and people, older than you:

your mom
your gram
our house
our neighborhood
the lake
the city
the president
the mayor
frankie manning
coca cola
the shoe
the book
the lightbulb
cars (in general, not the animated film)
the continents
your fraternity
kidney transplants
mickey mouse
the interstate
the music you listen to... (well, except those justin and kelly people)

so, yer old, but not THAT old...

see... i can be one of you glass half full, silver lining types...

happy! happy! yada yada yada! :)


Barb said...

Awww...send along bloggo birthday wishes to the Thin Man. Maybe you should have submitted this picture to that Celebrity Look-Alike thing. LOL!

flahute said...

I'm older than the island, as well ... <grumble>

mamazilla said...

barb - yeah, don't let the cuteness fool ya. ;)

flahute - OH YEAH! that will REALLY make his day! ;)

Granny said...

Add me the list of older things.

Much older.

Belated Happy Birthday - he's adorable.


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