Wednesday, December 20, 2006

toddler sledders gone wild!

so, i tortured sent our family and friends this photo and the following update as our yearly holiday card. hmmm, maybe you have to know us IRL for it to be funny...

anyhoo - we'll be in palm springs tomorrow. so posting will probably be light until i get back... stay warm and out of trouble... ok, at least out of the papers! :)

"Welcome! Welcome to Fantasy Island! Happy Holidays!!

WOW. we’ve been SO busy lately, you know how it is… had to back up some friends and baby sit their kids in london while they adopted a baby from africa. then we had to fly off to italy for a friend’s wedding at this castle and then, another friend of ours was going thru some tough times in LA… a very emotional break-up (even though she was kinda on the rebound…)

levity, people… humor me. moms like me live vicariously thru the gossip rags….

anyhoo… when i last wrote, i was probably in the midst/mist of postpartum euphoria… yeah - WAY OVER IT. we have now achieved maximum toddler chaos. the good news – we’re adapting. the bad news – we’re convinced that one of the offspring is destined for horse husbandry and possibly an apocalypse and the other is destined for the finals on the hit tv show, “so you think you can dance”.

the paloma will be 4 in march. she started preschool at the end of september and attends 3 days a week, 3 hours a day. so far, so good. no threat of expulsion yet. however, she did bite someone (after sustained karate chop taunting) a few weeks ago. she’s also a little frustrated that they haven’t taught driving or how to use the force yet. she still loves dinos but has added horses and bugs to the obsession list. she’s also been taking swim lessons and loving them.

we just celebrated the porkchop’s first birthday on the 7th. he is a much easier baby than the paloma. *knocking frantically on wood* although, he did start walking at NINE months (i’m thinking of suing for breach of contract in response). he has four teeth. he never liked baby food and nothing tastes good unless it comes from mommy’s plate. we’ve JUST started to wean him. he loves to laugh and play “hide and go seek” and “chase paloma”. we think his first word was “stella” (our cat). he was baptized in august. BIG love to his godparents!

i’m still getting used to my new role of mom of two. i appear in many scenes including – parent/teacher conference, fundraising event, holiday party and parent coffee klatch. I keep auditioning for freelance illustrator and novelist roles but i never get a call back. i’m always getting cast as the stereotypical sleep deprived, malnourished, catatonic, diaper changer/glorified housekeeper. but hey, it pays the bills. ;)

the thin man had a good year in the courtroom, winning two jury trials and two summary judgment motions. he’s still playing volleyball and following the wins and losses of various UCLA sports programs. He also celebrated a B I G birthday this year. we estimate that since eloise started school, we’ve been struck down with at least 8-10 cold/flu bugs. we’re all hacking and coughing as i type. and no, we haven’t been out swing dancing in a while. as always, we hope that the new year will bring a little bit LOT more time for us as a couple again AND a reliable, trustworthy babysitter.

we made some improvements to the house this year. we got most of the wood trim stripped and refinished. it was an awful experience – the odor, living out of a suitcase, the immense clean up, etc… but, the trim looks absolutely edible – a dark chocolate color, ya almost wanna eat it! we also got the house rewired. that wasn’t nearly as bad and the electricians unearthed 15 electrical boxes for missing sconces original to the house. so, we early anniversary gifted ourselves some wrought iron sconces because nothing says love like wrought iron ambient lighting!

on the travel front, the thin man took a trip to maine in april for his nephew’s confirmation. in may, we all traveled to palm desert for some R&R and added a special sidetrip to Disneyland. the paloma just about FLIPPED OUT when she met Belle from Beauty and the Beast. she was tall enough to ride most of the rides so, the thin man was happy to traumatize oblige her. the thin man also made the quick trip (“way to spin it, thin man!” says mamazilla) to cosmopolitan indianapolis for UCLA’s appearance in the NCAA basketball finals and to exotic south bend, indiana for the UCLA v. ND game (“ON OUR ANNIVERSARY! he owes me big time.” says mamazilla.) in the new year, i will be taking a trip to the Philippines to see my oldest sister and meet my new niece who will born sometime in jan/feb and also to watch my little (?!) sister walk down the aisle.

lastly, we just wanted to say, “we *heart* you!”. this has been a tough year for some and for others, a year of miracles. often, we wish we could reach out and hold all of you close to comfort or congratulate. please know that we’re always a phonecall away (except on those days when the paloma has us tied up in the closet with a stale box of cheezits).



Angela said...

Love your Christmas letter-it's hilarious! Sounds like you had a great and busy year.

Mamazilla, best wishes for an amazing Christmas with your family and hope your new year is filled with joy and laughter.

All I want for Christmas is to sleep, sleep, read and sleep some more. Take care!

ImPerceptible said...

I love the picture! I don't know your family, but I know mine. I guess I can relate. The letter was great.

Have a Merry Christmas!

eatmisery said...

I just wanted to wish you a happy and safe holiday!

eatmisery said...

I hope your 2007 is a wonderful one! Happy New Year!


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