Wednesday, November 08, 2006

south siiiiide!!!

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the nameless, faceless and almighty "THEY" have finally begun (re-?, de-?) construction on the park nearest and dearest to our hearts (and our address) hurley playlot park.

this morning, we were passing by the site on our way home and saw the above sign. it says:

"Put in a Pirate Ship or we will eat your SOULS! (questions?) 1-708-229-XXXX"

nuff said.

don't mess with beverly.

we train pirates.

(just an fyi - this is what used to be at the park...)

Making a run for the slide on Hurley Park, Longwood Dr
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Barb said...

It looked fine before, so why are they redoing it? The sign is kind of funny, though. I'm surprised they didn't request a monument to Ozzie Guillen. :P

mamazilla said...

the park looked fine from a distance, but up close and personal... there were just too many things that were broken - not completely - but here and there and it just wasn't getting any better...

btw - i walked by the park again and the pirate sign is gone! :(

and it wouldn't surprise me if an ozzie guillen monument wasn't already in the works...


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