Sunday, November 05, 2006

i look like...


first row: holly hunter, laura dern, norkys batista, matsu takako
second row: anastacia, jolin tsai, maggie cheung, angelina jolie

i must've broken the program if they think i look like ANY of these women.

...and i married greg brady aka "johnny bravo"...

first row: simon le bon, barry williams, aidan quinn, kenneth brannagh
second row: franz beckenbauer, roy livingston, tom petty, mark bautista

thanks to bloggo chicago for the laughs!!


Barb said...

OMG--you must actually be white in real life and only posing as a Filipina on your blog! Shame on you! LOL

mamazilla said...

we're both filipina wannabes,
"ms. i-look-like-heather-locklear,katherine-heigl and-brigitte-bardot" ;)

Anonymous said...

Tom Petty? Barry Williams? Puh-LEEZE! Tom Petty is seriously the DUMBEST looking guy in rock; I don't claim to be a real stud (although you, my lovely wife, can do that for me-hint hint)or anything but still, TOM FRIGGIN' PETTY as one of my look-alikes? WTF? And GREG BRADY? I appreciate his body of work in the 70's but what has he done lately? OK, other than his Weird Al riff on "The Real Greg Brady" to the tune of Eminem's "Real Slim Shady?" Even his fictional siblings are way ahead of him: Peter Brady bagged that nutbag hot model and got a strangely interesting reality show out of it; ol' Johnny Bravo is reduced to pitching K-tel 70's hits for Time-Life music on late night. Weak stuff. As for the others, Le Bon is pretty fat and regardless of my lack of dietary care, I don't look like a British Michelin Man (although Le Bon does have better hair than me); Branagh is acceptable, although in this picture his hair is all weird and curly as if he was auditioning for a role as a hobbit; Plus, he needs to dump Bonham Carter. Aidan Quinn is still cool and good-looking (maybe it's the Irish thing) even though he did that geeky movie you liked about that kid in Chicago. I can deal with a Ron Livingston resemblance given my love of the way he drank his way across Europe with the members of Easy Company in "Band of Brothers," plus any guy good looking enough to score and then blow off that horse-faced fashion trauma queen in "Sex and the City" wins plaudits from me. And that's hardly mentioning his tour de force as an "almost Goofy" in "Swingers." However, I am seriously displeased by this pathetic software that claims to see a resemblance between me and Franz Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer barely qualifies as a celebrity; the guy is about 80 years old and only hits the limelight when he gets dragged out of whatever basement he molders in every 4 years when the World Cup comes around. I do not look like a corpse. As for Mark Bautista, uh, who is he? However, in Bautista's defense as my facial model, it does appear that he has some Latino in him like me, so I got that going for me.

Barb said...

OUCH! And I'm not referring to your reply to my comment. Whoa--anonymous really wasn't happy with his results. :P

BTW, I don't even know who Katherine Heigl is!


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