Thursday, December 07, 2006

happy first birthday, porkchop!

the birthday boy
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i can't believe it's already been a year. i wonder how many hours of sleep we got/didn't get.

you were born on a very cold night. and tonight it will be just as cold. it's a day that will be easy for daddy to remember, not just because it's "a day which will live in infamy" but also because 7+5=12. :)

i remember the next morning, holding you close and looking out the window of our room... a blizzard hit chicago overnight and instead of seeing a winter wonderland. it was a complete white out. i remember instantly worrying about your lola driving your sister to visit you for the first time in all that horizontal snow.

that was the first time i prayed for you postpartum. i prayed that you would get your eyesight from daddy's side of the family. and your hair from my side. ;)

you were a much more difficult pregnancy than your sister, the paloma, but your delivery was much easier. you were quieter than your sister too. she came into the world like a lion and you came in like a lamb. your sister was the best birthday present i ever received and you were the best christmas present.

although you were/are a much easier baby than your sister, you are as attached to me, as i am to you, little man... the transition from the family bed to the crib was just as hard for me as it was for you.

transtitions do seem to come harder for us... we JUST started weaning you and you never liked baby food, just table food... you have four teeth and you're a drive thru eater. you like to open your mouth get some food and cruise around the house and then repeat. you also started walking at NINE months. and you love to boogie outside of the womb, just as much as you did inside. so, pretty soon, i'm gonna get you a boom box, a cardboard box and some spray paint. we'll found "the MBC" - mamazilla bombing crew! we'll tag the preschool first....

you are constantly loving on everyone and everything and are equally and irresistably lovable. you are fearless and curious - a risky combo - just like your daddy. you laugh easily and often and are comforted quickly. and you, like your sister, want to grow up RIGHT NOW.

so, i'll tell you what i tell her.... just cool yer jets and cop a squat.

let's just sit here and gaze into each others big brown eyes and "talk" quietly all day long, just like we do when we go "sleepytime" - i'll just whisper "iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou" into your ear and you'll just whisper "shewhashoetoobaawaahaa" back into my ear, over and over and over again just like a mini jabba the hut, sucking helium....

happy, happy birthday baby! here's to many many many more.... mahal kita!


Barb said...

Happy birthday to the pork chop! He is going to be a heartbreaker, that's for sure!

tessence said...

Happy Birthday! You turned into a kid since I last saw you! And who needs weaning, really?

mamazilla said...

barb - i'm seriously considering that locking up in a tower dealio... not because he's going to break hearts, but i can't imagine picking up the pieces when someone breaks his. :(

tessence - mamazilla needs the weaning! me! memememememememe! :)

Anonymous said...

But then the girls will be like, "Pork Chop, Pork Chop, let down your hair." ;)

Angela said...

Happy belated Birthday Porkchop! He is a gorgeous little boy, I hope he had an amazing birthday.

mamazilla said...

barb - note to self: cut porkchop's hair.

angela - he had a GREAT birthday! i, however am still recovering. julia child, i am not.

Anonymous said...

Mamazilla, I have never commented here before but I read your post on Kimchi Mamas about moving to a not-so-diverse-area ... not to be creepy but I bet I know which part of town you're in! Also I used to date a guy from there (before meeting love of my life and my baby's daddy) ... cuuuuutest south side Irish boy, but man they are trouble. We are in the west suburbs.

Happy birthday to your porkchop, and I love the long hair!

mamazilla said...

carol - yeah. i'm not so good with the subtleties of anonymizing the details... :)

whenever the kids act up my mom says two things, "i think they get that from the irish/puerto rican side of the family" or "they're growing up to be such south siders!".

how do i correct my mother?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Not sure what she means? Like they're going to be Sox fans or something? :-D

Oh, I was going to mention, we also have an "iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyou" game ... we face each other and get closer and closer as I say it, then he tries to bite me on the nose and I say "ow!" Good times, good times.

Jenifer said...

I am SO glad there is someone else out there who makes mathmatical equations out of things to remember them!!

My son was born on September 3, 2006, and when I told him it was easy to remember because 6+3=9 he basically looked at me like I had three heads, but I'm not the only one!!!!

MONKEYfightingSTYLE said...



OMG, little man looks exactly like papazilla...exactly!! trip out.

LOVE you Geraly and familia!


mamazilla said...

carol - there's a reason they're called the southside uglies in the crosstown classic... ;) i *heart* the iloveyou games! :)

jenifer - it's so sad that i can barely put two of the same shoes on, but i can whip up a mathematical equation to remind me of something like my kid's birthday....

MONKEY!!! - maligayang pasko!! do you need me to airlift a lechon to seattle!? ;)


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