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...or i could watch reruns of star trek.

i blame uhura and kirk...
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i've read that tv's first interracial kiss on tv was on a start trek episode called plato's stepchildren that aired in 1968. it was written by meyer dolinsky who also wrote for hawaii 5-0 and bonanza. however, i just learned that two other episodes filmed before plato's stepchildren had shared kisses between a white actor and an asian actor, elaan of troyius, and between a white actor and a latino actor, space seed.

anyway, i'm not a trekkie by any stretch of the imagination but i have to admit that i did watch it. in the 80s, i was a latch key kid and when i got home, i used to turn on the tv and those crayzee star trek reruns would quickly transport me (via fancy shimmer fade and pre casio keyboard sound effects) to some random galactic port, to meet and greet alien life forms and explore the extraterrestrial landscapes they called home. (i mean you no diss, E.T.)

anyhoo.... it looks like there's a new show joining the historical ranks of prime time tv shows with interracial relationships - abc's new show "brothers & sisters".

in a way, i wasn't surprised to see a black/white pairing since a) some of the tv shows that the stars of the show were formerly in (ally macbeal, six feet under, alias) featured interracial relationships b) abc is home to desperate housewives, grey's anatomy, lost, boston legal - all shows which have featured at least one interracial relationship. i guess i was just surprised to see it on the pilot.

honestly, i actually caught the first two episodes for two reasons:

1) i miss alias (yes, even though the asians were ALWAYS the bad guys).

2) i miss six feet under.

and i hate to admit it but i wasn't all that disappointed.

it's not phenomenal writing (says the unemployed blogger). but, i guess you could say they aren't insulting the talents of the actors - they definitely gave the right characters to the right actors. it's odd to me that for what looks like an ensemble cast/show, the last two episodes seem to have flockhart's character as the axis of the family, maybe even the show.

however, i think rachel griffiths character (oldest sibling, former corporate big wig who leaves big job to take smaller job w/ family business to spend more time with family and husband, contemplating (reigniting? igniting?) an (old?) affair w/ a former coworker who is african american) is much more complex and interesting (admittedly, it could be because i'm a former corporate drone who married "the thin (mixed race) man" and turned into a stay at home mamazilla). griffith's character seems the most fleshed out character to me, though every dramatic plot twist seems hinged on something flockhart's character said, didn't say, did, didn't do, etc...

the only other sibling who's of any interest to me is the gay lawyer brother who is WAY cute but, unlucky in love (& because the fruit fly in me wants to introduce him to all my single gay fruits).

anyway, it'll be interesting (for me, the lone viewer of this show) to see where the characters go, especially if this interracial relationship goes anywhere or went anywhere. it's still unclear to me if they actually had an affair or just flirted with the idea. i remember michael beach from his nights on early ER and the movies "waiting to exhale" and "soul food" and so, i'm REALLY curious who this noah guare character is...

so, it's a little bit like star trek - no new worlds, new life, or new civilizations - but, we've been there, done that - it's family drama, "ron & nancy" style! do i need to draw a picture for you? how ALIEN is that!? (um, no offense intended to my extended family and friends, conservative and otherwise, who are ALL OVER so cal...)

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