Tuesday, October 03, 2006

my sister's rabbit died.

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does anyone else (besides me) remember when people used to say "the rabbit died" when they talked about someone getting pregnant? i actually remember an episode of M*A*S*H when houlihan thought she was preggers and they asked radar if they could use his rabbit to test for pregnancy. (ok, for those of you in the dark - ages ago, they used to inject rabbits with womens urine to test for pregnancy. they had to kill the rabbits to see if their ovaries had changed. if the ovaries had changed, the woman's urine had HCG and she was pregnant. if the ovaries hadn't changed, well... the rabbit was just SOL.) i don't remember if houlihan was preggers (i doubt it), i don't remember if they actually killed the rabbit and i'm not sure if that was when she was still foolin' around with that major.... whatever his name was... ANYhoo...

did i mention i LOVE rabbits? especially rabbits with huge, sharp....er... foul, cruel, bad tempered rodents! killers! vicious streaks, miles wide!

no, really... my sister, the overacheiving ob gyn (whose contemplating a c-section - WUSS! j/k!), just recently found out that her rabbit died. that's right folks, she pregnant! i'm FINALLY going to be an aunt!

so, she asked me for some names for girls... so, i looked around and i actually found the final, FINAL baby name list that the thin man and i came up with the night before the paloma was born:

(don't laugh too hard... she was our first child.... it was 2003....)


well, she's due in the end of jan/beginning of feb, which means i'll probably be making a trip out to the philippines (sans bebes et ma petit chou) early next year. it will be my first trip since 1993. yep, you counted right - i haven't seen my sister(s) in 13 years.


tessence said...

No, the rabbit did not die because Radar was so upset when he heard their plans for it that one of the surgeons agreed to surgically remove the rabbit's ovaries for the test. She was not pregnant, and I believe the father would have been Donald Penobscott.

Heh. I love MASH. As soon as you said the rabbit died, I thought of that episode.

By the way, I'm _so_ glad Eloise didn't end up as an Avery or a Chandler. But Nutmeg does have a friend named Ellerie, a name I love, and when she first met Eloise, she had a little trouble with the distinction.

daddy in a strange land said...

So, my Pinay wife is reading over my shoulder and has to do the Filipino thing whenever someone reveals that they are Filipino or that they have family over there, and ask "where are they (from)?" :) (Don't worry, I won't ask the language proficiency corollary--you know what I mean--as you sorta answered that in our previous exchange!) ;)

So, since you use pseudonyms for the kids on the blog, are we to assume that the Paloma's real name is on that list? :) Your list is very, how shall I say, 90's-American-zeitgeist crossed with Pilipino naming traditions--heh--you know what I mean! :)

What's for dinner? Trout amandine, anyone?

Wait, I just reread the comment about mine--I guess that's a RL friend who dropped the real name? :) I can tell you The Pumpkin's real name off-blog if you wanna know. :)

mamazilla said...

tessence - yay! i'm not the only one who watched MASH! i have to admit i watched that show especially because they had that asian nurse on. and um, who's this eloise person... i don't know no eloise. ;P

diasl - i was actually going to ask you where your wife was from in our last exchange as well but then i thought - "omg. that's so filipino auntie. must not lose rice daddy cred." ;)

well, my moms is from iligan and my papa is ilocano. papa, my sisters and brother lived in quezon city, manila. now, they're all spread out bicol, manila, ballesteros/cagayan.

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scribbit said...

I vote for "Sadie" and yes, my Mom used to talk about "the rabbit dying" but I don't remember it. Poor bunnies.


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