Tuesday, January 11, 2005

woo-hoo! it's awardapalooza!


to my happy, happy surprise, i recently received the "Other Than Rebekah, The Only Person That Seemed To Care That I Went To Chicago" Mango award!

and then, today i find that i've received Puglet Ponderings' "Ghetto of the Week" award!

*snoopy dance*

...all in all, WAY mo' better than the toddler technicolor yawn award i got THIS morning.... that's right, despite friday's hurl-a-thon, kidzilla's slow but steady recuperation sounded a retreat at 2:30 this a.m. when the hostile rotovirus armies proclaimed martial law on her intestines again.

oh. and now, i have a cold. so, i'll be bingeing on vitamin C drinks in a corner of our basement laundry room.

many many thanks to mango (who receives the "i still can't believe you even gave me the time of day" award) and to puglet (who receives the "please walk down the street with me so it looks like were friends" award) for endowing me with their time and their accolades.

*eons ago, mamazilla actually received this (& a large monetary) award for "outstanding fashion illustration" from the chicago fashion group. this statuette is made by the same company who makes the oscar statue.

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