Thursday, January 06, 2005

i've lost my mind....

so, i'm doing really well on the resolution front which would explain my absence from blogging as of late...

but, the thing is - i think i'm going crazy.

the creative side of me is keeping me awake at night. (well, that and resolution #5... oh! AND i've been introduced to the whole ALIAS phenomenon and i'm marathoning seasons 1 thru 3.)

and y'know that "take a real vacation" resolution? well, i think i may be spending some time in tennessee. for three really good reasons -

a) to visit the queen,
b) the king,
c) and the world's longest yard sale(450 miles of random)

but does renting an RV to visit graceland, dollywood and the length of highway 127 really constitute a "real" vacation? doubtful.

but, after seeing "The Day After" movie, the footage from the tsunami tragedy and the slim mounds of teetering snow on my backyard fence... it might not be a bad idea to stay relatively close to home and landlocked.

i mean, really, what could possibly happen in tennessee?

1 comment:

maria said...

Hello Mamazilla,

Thanks for posting the link to the
world longest yard sale. I saw it
once on TV and forgot about it.
Now, I can check it anytime.



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