Saturday, January 29, 2005

is it february yet?

february has always been the month of rushing for me.

early on, there's groundhog day, which always heralds my cue to send out a birthday card (and if time permits - a small lightweight present) to my father, who resides in the philippines. mind you, his birthday is mid february but there's no snail mail like air mail to a third world country, i always say.

i was thinking today there's something about groundhogs, their flaky shadows and wishing for the impossible that reminds me of my father. and yes, i do love my father. however, because i am prone to procrastinate and scarred from many years of dubious memories w/ or w/o my papa, it will be a miracle if i actually do get a card out. i puposefully went out today to get a card and came back with everything BUT a card - i even came back WITH stationary from the stationary store.

(i blame my friend, stacey. ok. no, not really. i do however blame her for the impulsive pink bedazzled cat ear barrette purchase.)

even more ironic, my stepfather's birthday follows groundhog day. as if i didn't have enough paternal pathos...

and let's not forget the preconceptions conceiving, can o' worms opening, nutrition ravaging holiday of holidays - valentines day! i, the biggest romantic cynic on the planet, rarely if ever, know what to do, plan, say on valentines day... to save us both the trouble, popzilla is taking a trip to miami to visit his abuelita. thank you, popzilla! ;)

then, there's the whole, shortest month of the year crap, which always reminds me of my mom and stepdad's anniversary on the 28th.

so, let's take a tally. that's at least four cards on the inside and/or four cards WITH four gifts on the outside or we could just call it a day at say four (zillion) mea culpas.... hmm, no pressure...

and last, but not least - february is the final month of my current year - 32 (i'm a march baby). february is the month that says, "that's right, ya old coot, celebrate now 'cause next month you'll be skooched a little bit closer to(or *gasp* further into) "middle aged"." i can't believe i'm older than dungeons and dragons AND hello kitty.

but, february is never as bad as i make it out to be in the end... as it turns out, keane, pedro the lion and modest mouse are all coming to play chicago venues in february. and best of all, kurt halsey will be having an exhibition at wag artworks too.

(for the record, mamazilla would LOVE an original kurt halsey for valentines day or even her birthday. hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more....)

happy february everybody!

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Square1 said...

What a coincidnce.. March baby here too... except that I'm only approaching a quarter of a century. I feel older though... as they say... it's not the years... it's the miles, and baby i've seen a lot of them. Good luck on your February card buying ventures. I have to send my grandmother one too.


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