Saturday, January 08, 2005

a difficult 24 hrs...

after a very rough 24 hours, the last thing i want to find is that my blog explosion rating has PLUMMETED to 7.92! thank you anonymous blog explosion rater! i suppose it could be worse... oh wait - it WAS worse...

this all started the night before last when i absentmindedly closed the door to kidzilla's room. the second i heard the "click", i knew we were locked in.

with butterknives held aloft, we tried to open the door - me from the inside & popzilla from the outside (kidzilla status - tantrum standby). finally, we thought it might be a good idea to call in a professional. we called a half dozen 24 hr locksmiths and came up with zip. but after a good part of an hour, popzilla got me out.

lesson #1 - if you're locked in or locked out, you're also sh*t outta luck.

then, we got a call from my sismonster in law that shattered the rest of our evening and the wee early o'dark morning. apparently, i'm not doing enough for my family by staying at home and if we don't hand over a substantial amount of money (that we don't owe or have) , she'll have nothing to do with us. she's got her principles, y'know.

all i wanted to do was inhale my ben and jerry's and watch the rest of alias season one (from under the couch). apparently, that was asking too much. thank you, sismonster in law and powers that be.

the lengthy call from my sismonster in law was followed by another protracted call to the fairymom in law who was very kind, wise, relatively non-partisan and who also came up with a reasonable solution.

lesson # 2 - LOVE, honour and respect the fairymom in law.

so, i didn't get much sleep since i was still mulling over my allleged worthlessness and to top it off, the following morning, my darling kidzilla's first words were "blrrraaaaggggh!" and ta-da! last night's dinner was served - again.

and again at 8:30 and again at 9:30... we went thru more wardrobe changes than the tents during fashion week. i've never been so afraid for kidzilla. i was drowning off the harbor of worry and after her last "hoooooaaark" into the kitchen sink, i jumped to the phone to make a same day appt with the ped.

i was able to catch a ride to the ped office with popzilla. after a 15 minute wait, during which i'm sure kidzilla shared her malevolent rotovirus with the rest of the ped office, we met with our ped and the diagnosis: everything i already knew but was too insecure to believe. stomach flu. emphasize the liquid, de-emphasize the food.

did i mention our ped office is 7 blocks away?
or that i don't drive?
or that we live in a very residential area inhabited by many senior citizens?

because if you happened to be in the vicinity of western & 97th , you would have witnessed mamazilla half carrying & half bulldozing a stroller through snowbanks to get home from the ped office. i finally gave up and we ended up walking in the middle of the streets that were plowed and salted.

lesson # 3 - shovel the sidewalks for the handicapped and elderly if not for your neighborhood stay at home mom who doesn't drive.

finally, yesterday ended with us watching a medley of silent disney movies, sipping water and nibbling toast under a mound of blankets. kidzilla was constantly asking for hugs and i could totally relate to really, really, REALLY wanting my mommy.

on a funnier note, the locksmith came today. the whole time, i thought he was a she who was in need of a good chin wax. it was so very "mozart opera" in a way... take it from me, you just had to be there. kidzilla's calling. ttfn!


Candace said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Mamazilla! I couldn't actually get to your blog without going through IE and putting in When I clicked on your link in my comments section, all I got was your profile. There was no link to your blog from there. (You could fix that). I couldn't find "Mamazilla" or *Mamazilla* on BE's directory, either. I wanted to blogmark you and vote on your blog! I hate it when some asshole comes along and tanks the ratings, so I definitely wanted to give you a 10!

mamazilla said...

thanks chenoah! i shouldn't have complained... my ratings are exploring new depths! :)

& per your recs, i've made my blog more search friendly - not that anyone would be looking...

puglet said...


Thats a sucky night. Although you don't seem to live in a ghetto, I'll have to forfeit my Ghetto of The Week award to you, 'cause that's the only award I have.

mamazilla said...

hold up! dis da homie right huuuuurr!

i'm from the (west siiiide!) ghetto and i live only minutes from the (south siiiiide!) ghetto.

thanks for the award! weee-ha!

Tito said...

That kind of day deserves a 10 - hope it brings your average up!

Damesh said...

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