Monday, January 03, 2005

2 advil, an omelette & a gallon of water later...

highlights from new years eve:

1. une bouteille - veuve clicquot ponsardin (said with an outrageous fraunch auksont)
2. spending quality time with my b-girl, stayC
3. not killing a family of deer* - again.

the resolutions (compiled after drinking wine from a box) :

1. spend more quality time with popzilla, the cats, family & friends
2. discontinue impersonating creative people and succeed where milli vanilli failed
3. find babysitter for kidzilla
4. less procrastination, more hasty hotfooting
5. get knocked up - again. (by popzilla)
6. take a real vacation

and so begins 2005... pace yourselves, neighbors - 362 days to go...

*scientists are currently researching the near fatal attraction of deer to moving vehicles driven by stayC & mamazilla.
to date, no deer have been harmed during study.

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