Friday, July 08, 2011

friday dance - karate kid 2010 ed.

ok.... i know, i know, it's kinda wrong to like this movie... but i kinda did... :)

jaden smith - it's hard not to like him!! :) and it's his birthday today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE DUDE!!! :)

sooooo aside from all the obvious hollywood stuff i liked about the movie - cinematography, fight choreography, story, characters, dialogue, etc... i REALLY liked the soundtrack.... however, when i went looking for a soundtrack - turns out - an official soundtrack (not the original compositions) was never released... luckily, this amazeballs blogger cobbled up a list for me... us.... :)

so, my fave tracks from the film...

jay sean - do you remember

gorillaz - dirty harry (schtung chinese new year remix)

and i distinctly remember rain's hip song played in the film, but i don't remember where...

happy friday!!

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Becca said...

hi there! i have been meaning to get back to you for some time now! i'd love to hang out sometime. maybe do some crafting?! do you have a facebook or e-mail perhaps so we can chat a bit more easily?
i am here:
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