Friday, July 29, 2011

friday dance - high kick pow!

so, following in the "i'm not supposed to like this" path...

dancer/choreographer kyle hanagami tweeted about jonte's (HUGE in japan, unknown to me) song High Kick Pow. so of course, i checked out the video (watch the language):

next up, i heard robyn's song konichiwa bitches:

after seeing hok and moon perform this choreo:

they're catchy tunes... i checked a couple of other jonte and robyn videos and i don't think these songs/singers make any horrifying orientalist gaffs like nicki minaj or gwen stefani but they did make me pause for a minute to think about it...

in the MVs, all references to asian culture are so *not* serious... save for the "don't get me mad, cuz imma hurt you LIKE AN ASIAN PERSON" theme in both songs... and again, jonte is HUGE in japan - and i dunno... maybe his fan base is ok w/ that stereotype... but still the videos beg the question, what's the point of referencing asian culture at all - in language, costume and/or stage dressing? is it or isn't it relevant/necessary to get the artist's statement across?

ennyhoo... i'm taking the blue pill and dancing now... and you should join me. happy friday!

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