Thursday, July 21, 2011

paloma's summer reading @chipublib

paloma finished reading her 10th chapter book for the chicago public library summer reading program, "book beats"! i'm SO proud! i can't believe this is her fourth year participating in the program. she reads voraciously throughout the year. i can't keep up with what she reads... kinda makes me nervous... but what i like about the summer reading program is that she actually has to give an oral book report/review on each book she's read. she's really very good at it too.

she started in 2007 back at the beverly branch... we read 25 picture books together. :) in 2009, she participated in the program by herself - reading 10 chapter books. :)

i spent most of my elementary school days in the chicago public libraries. it feels very rewarding that not only is she an avid reader, she spends a fair amount of time at some of the same branches i spent hours in as a child/teen.

this year is also porkchop's first year in the program. we have nine books left, until he's reached his 25! his book reports are also impressive - he remembers such minute details... :)

ennyhoo... here's her list of books if you're curious (i linked to some reviews i found)... :)

1) ninjas, pirahnas & galileo by greg leitch smith

2) odysseus in the serpent maze by jane yolen

3) shredderman 1 : secret identity by wendelin van draanen

4) shredderman 2: attack of the tagger by wendelin van draanen

5) sugar plum ballerinas #3: perfectly prima by whoopi goldberg

6) the sea dog by jenny dale

7) chocolate fever by r.k. smith

8) the unseen by z.k. snyder

9) wizard at work by v. velde

10) the higher power of lucky by susan patron

thanks for coming by and reading!

oh yeah, what are you reading right now? i just picked up the girl with glass feet by ali shaw today at the library. and i'm finishing up city of fallen angels by cassandra clare.

happy thursday!!

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