Thursday, December 30, 2010

friday dance: RAIN edition

*before you read the slobber that follows - let it be known that i am a VERY happily married woman... and to thin man, love o' my life, you know i loves you more than any (unbelievably gorgeous) preschool aged dude.... yer my main squeezage. but feel free to buy me a RAIN cd or desk calendar or t-shirt for my birthday.... hint hint wink wink knowhatimean... :)

ok... so waaaaay back in 2007, the lovely and all wise kimchi mamas posted this OUTRAGEOUS korean eye candy on their blog who answers to the name, Rain.

of course, being the relatively newly minted mom of two, my brain was completely fried. and fer crissakes, he's 10 years younger than me.... yes, i will admit he's REALLY cute, but beyond that i started to feel a little too predatory.

yeah. fast forward to 2010. i'm owning up to the whole predatory thing... MEOWRRRR.... i'm always late to parties... :)

the reason is twofold... i just finished two books recently: J.Carey's Naamah's Kiss and C. Clare's Clockwork Angel. both of which, if made into films, would have perfect parts for Rain - imho - assuming that the characters aren't whitewashed out of the films.... but i digress...

ennyhoo... right after i finished the books, i literally stumbled on my remote control and SOMEHOW, by some twist of fate (totally weird, no?) or my hips and knees, my cable on demand just started playing Rain's newest hollywood movie, Ninja Assassin. go figure, right?! just started playing. ON ITS OWN. so i couldn't NOT watch it. clearly, the universe was trying to tell me something. and when the universe talks... am i right!? ;) i'm preaching to the choir ladies, i know...

feel free to fwd to the 1:20 ish mark where the music and booty shaking begins:

and some highlights from ninja assassin made by another fan:

youtube also has some interviews and episodes from his most recent tv show the fugitive: plan b.

suffice to say, i have a problem. i'm mamazilla. i am a rainaholic. it has been two minutes since i last google stalked searched for RAIN:
i will never look at a grey cloud in the same way... evar again!!! *swoons*

happy friday!!!! and best wishes for a bright and prosperous new year!!! :)

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