Tuesday, March 22, 2011

stylish blogger award

waaaaay back in january, i was awarded a stylish blogger award by Sewing Daisies blog

i'm very honored and humbled to get this award! Thanks Sewing Daisies! (and so sorry it took so long for me to acknowledge the award...)

apparently, i now have to tell my readers 7 things about myself they might not already know....

so for the new readers, i would like to direct you to my idiosyncrasies post which is a list of some of my peculiar behaviors/characteristics.

for all the oldie mcoldster readers to my blog, i give you these newish facts:

1) i'm often in my pjs.

2) i am totally obsessed with kpop boy bands. HWAITING!

3) i have learned how to say the following in korean from korean dramas:

a) hi!
b) i'm sorry.
c) thank you.
d) i love you.
e) leave!
f) do you want to die??!! (hee hee... that's my favorite.)

still trying to learn a) can you pretend to be my husband/wife? b) we switched bodies!? c) i've lost all the memories from our time together - everything else i remember! d) i want to marry you, but you're the sibling i never knew! e) we have absolutely nothing in common and i hate you for many good reasons, but i am also strangely attracted to you.

4) this summer i plan on taking more hip hop classes. TOTES. bring on the public humiliation!

5) we MAY be moving out of our apartment in may. same neighborhood, hopefully to more affordable digs... *squee*

6) when i go running, i take some mini carrots to toss at the rabbits i run by.

7) i often say "even blind squirrels find nuts" when referring to my freaking amazeball friends who i love like bananas. interpret/define at will who is the blind squirrel and who is the nuts... ;)

lastly, i'm supposed to award the stylish blogger award to other bloggers... so - if you are reading this and you have a blog - Ka-BOOM! you have now been awarded a stylish blogger award! :)

thanks for coming by and reading! happy tuesday!!


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