Friday, March 18, 2011

friday dance pt 2 - swing baby swing!

so, this weekend is a big dealio for the swing/lindyhop dancing set here in chicago...

1) on saturday - 14th Annual Swinger's ball at Willowbrook Ballroom. on sunday, Swing Baby Swing at Fizz... i'm cohosting the event at fizz - btw... :)

i think i've been to two previous Swinger's Balls. they're a LOT of fun, but they tend to run long - especially afterparty after afterparty... my body just can't take that beating anymore... i'm really looking forward to seeing everybody all gussied up and to feeling the giddy anticipation of some fun and memorable dances... :)

an old school dancer/teacher/swing ambassador hosts Swinger's Ball at Willowbrook Ballroom - here's an old video of Riley (and Margot) competing at Midwest Lindy Fest (not sure of the year...)

Swingers Ball usually has some performances from local groups... here's a bunch of yahoos i know that performed a while back (when dinosaurs still roamed the earth...)

2) Dancing upstairs at Swing at Fizz on Monday nights has been a miracle of sorts for me... i really feel as if my dancing has been resurrected after so many years lying dormant... the friendly/motley crew of patrons and staff at fizz is always ready to show you a good time... just check the bathroom stalls for their phone #s... (kidding!)

i'm actually in this crowd somewheres. music starts at the 1:30 mark... (but a moment of silence for Frankie never hurt anybody...) :')

and below more shenaniganizers dancing at fizz:

so if you can please please please - if you're in chicago - please come out to these events and say/wave hi to me... :)


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