Monday, October 24, 2005


i've been tagged by my dear friend and fellow blogger, bertville, to list my idiosyncrasies.

yeah, i didn't know what the heck that really meant so i looked it up...

id·i·o·syn·cra·sy n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
1. A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.
2. A physiological or temperamental peculiarity.
3. An unusual individual reaction to food or a drug.

hmm, that seems easy enough...

1) i look like i have a jellyfish (ok, a small, detentacled jellyfish) attached to my head due to my cystic hygroma (brace yourself for the images).

2) i perspire under my chin when salivating or eating due to frey's syndrome (which probably occurred because of the many surgeries i underwent as a child to "shrink" my cystic hygroma.

3) i don't drive because a) my right eye has a hypoplastic optic nerve. so, i have very bad eyesight/depth perception. b) i'm really uncomfortable with controlling heavy vehicles with lots of power. c) when i did drive, i didn't drive well.

4) i can't see 3D (again, i really only have one good eye.) movies with those ridiculous red and blue cellophaned cardboard glasses.

5) i start numerous creative projects and find myself struggling to complete them.

6) i always wash a sink full of dishes the same way - first plates & bowls, then glasses, then pots and pans, then silverware/utensils get done last.

7) i go out of my way to wear matching underwear - my bras have to match my undies (currently, i'm so lost right now re: undergarments and will be until i lose the pregger poundage).

8) i really don't like to wear white socks or flip flops in public.

9) i am a slave to superstitions.

10) i always have kleenex. my nose has a tendency to sneeze and run when i least expect it. the brownie in me takes over - i must always be prepared.

11) i can't stand long fingernails - if my fingernails are 1/16" long, i have to cut them (and only during the light of day.)

12) i prefer not to attend large events. i find that if i'm unable to converse with a person in depth, i end up just sitting somewhere, shutting down and waiting until the event is over or when i've attended the event for a socially acceptable time.

13) i can't read printed words in a car, but i can read a map and very well i might add.

14) i am the most gullible person you will ever know. seriously, dude.

ok, i think that's it.
so i tag , monkeysteez, veloworks and dallas island to name their idiosyncrasies. really didn't know how freaky i was, did ya?! :) mwahahahahahaha!


flahute said...

That's okay, G-bunny ... we luvs ya anyway ...

MONKEYfightingSTYLE said...

okay Geraly, i think you now win the award for being more FREAKIER than me! We'll see...hmmm.
And minus 20 points for admitting that you were a Brownie! I used to want to beat up those little girls.

I miss you- keep me posted on kidzilla 2!!
love, love m

Bert said...

two things:
1) no one likes those ridiculous red and blue glasses, anyway. i also have trouble making them work.
2) you are so hot that it doesn't matter what color your underwear is. it's bound to look amazing (perhaps even during the preggers months). though i can appreciate the matching thing, and suddenly, i find myself wishing i put more thought into my underpants.

mamazilla said...

velokatz -
you say that with such passion and conviction... ;)

monkeyfightingstyle -
the whole brownie truth is i didn't actually complete my brownie training. and for many years i used my brownie uniform as a halloween costume - i put a pillow inside my uniform and messed up my hair with leaves. lo and behold, i was "the knocked up brownie". y'all kin take da brownie out da ghetto butcha kin't drag the ghetto outta the brownie!

bert -
you are so sweet... and it's been HOW long since you laid actual eyes on me??? i highly recommend matching underwear. it's a skivvypalooza!!!

flahute said...

If I told you I loved you with more passion and conviction, my wife would divorce me, your husband would kill me, and you'd swear out a restraining order!

Anyway ... I posted my idiosyncrasies as well ... finally. or


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