Wednesday, March 23, 2011

pinoys in the lindy hop house!

(image from Through My Father's Eyes: The Filipino American Photographs of Ricardo Oreto Alvardo 1914-1976)

i've been feeling very nostalgic lately - dancing'll do that to a girl... :) and i started to reminisce about all ("all" - what like 5?) lindy exchanges i've been to in the (dating myself) 14 years i've been dancing... and i kinda got a little misty that i'd never travelled to one overseas... i would've especially loved to attend an exchange in japan, south korea and (hello!?) the philippines.

and then, i saw this tweet by the dept. of tourism - philippines:

"Every Filipino is encouraged to do their own share in promoting local tourism. Mahalin ang sariling atin! Good night, guys! #pilipinastarana"

so, i googled "lindyhop philippines"... and got a big ol' goose egg... i mean - there's like a gazillion pinoy lindyhoppers (incl. teachers, djs, dancers, bloggers) in the states -

even the black eyed peas/apl de ap got in on the action:

"Bebot: Generation One" (Directed by Patricio Ginelsa) from Kid Heroes on Vimeo.

srsly, are there any lindyhoppers in the PI?

so that's when i started to make a list of all the stateside pinoys/pinays i know (not necessarily personally) that also lindyhop:

anna marie panlilio - photographer and dancer. see also cianna's video below.

bernard of hollywood

brainard llanes - i should really post a pic of him in his halloween tooth fairy costume. this video is located in his channel btw :

cianna stewart (anna marie is in the video below too)

claudine co (chinese but grew up in the PI - counts! totes!) - she swivels in on the :50 mark (noah galang also swivels in this at the 1:46 mark - then its like a sausage fest...)

dexter santos

erwin amurao

jerry almonte - dancer and lindy hop blogger

josie say i couldn't find any video of josie dancing which is a shame cuz she's amazasian! :)

john joven

loreto agdinaoay - dancer and dj

meeshi ravi

noah galang - dancer and teacher see claudine's video above...

noel hipona

roy samson - roy is the first lead in the jam.

rick panganiban

tessa auza (plz don't kill me) - at the :53 mark, claudine is in this one too at the 1:30 mark

at the 2:45 mark, tessa is dancing with john joven:

last, but certainly not least - victor deleon - a dear friend, fellow bay area old school dancer, lindy hop event promotor/ambassador (who takes me out for my first wedding jam at my reception):

and don't forget me! :) (teaching w/ frankie manning - probably the most humbling experience of my life...)

and then it occurred to me... can you imagine if all these (really HAWT) folks got together - HOPPED A PLANE TO THE PI - and threw down an workshop/exchange called... wait for it... wait for it...


with just the group of dancers above - alone - you'd have teachers to teach beg/int/adv lindyhop, blues, hip hop, leader/follower styling, dips/tricks/aerials, etc... AND some of the best DJs to spin for dances and late night parties, etc...

add to that all the filipinos i DON'T know (insert infinite number here) - PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD NAMES AND LINKS IN THE COMMENTS - and BOOM! you have a mindblowing way to support tourism in the philippines AND get your groove on.... a white sand beach... while enjoying a tall frosty glass of halo halo.... *sigh*

SO HOW - HOW??!! - HAS THIS NOT HAPPENED YET PEOPLE!!!??? make. it. happen.


nuprin said...


Let's do this thing!!!

Geraly said...

HOI! (or shall i say OI! as they do across the pond...) HOW!? :)

Period Instrument Fan said...

This comment might be late, but there are lots of people in the PI who would love to learn the Lindy Hop.

It was really frustrating back in 1997 ♥ when my friends and I wanted to learn the Lindy —Pre-youtube, and slow dial up connection.

I wish you would set up a small beginners class, and maybe start a trend ??? ^_^

Hope to hear from you. ^_~d

warm regards,

katrin bothe said...

Ok i just read this blog and just wondering if there is still interest that we do a lindy hop class with teachers from germany?! is there any sugesstion where to teach and how it could be organized?!


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