Friday, March 04, 2011

friday dance: SHINee!!!

*SQUEE!* i was SOOOOOOO excited to receive this SHINee cd in the mail this week!!!

um.... for my daughter.... yes! i got it for my kid..... yeah! :) 'cause why would i - an almost 40 yr old woman - want a korean boy band cd... psh... WHAT?!

*cough*asiancougarmom*cough* O_o *facepalm*

ennyhooo... i saw this rehearsal video SHINee did for what i can only assume was for a live performance of "lucifer". it's been viewed over 5 million times (2 million are probably from me... hee hee...) try not to get too mesmerized by taemin's shirt:

i was looking for the official dolled up mv with english subs and found this one - a FANTASTIC mashup of lucifer and super junior's (aka largest boy band on planet - 13 dudes at last count) bonamana... *SQUEE* music starts at the :28 mark:

last but not least - for those of you who are gluttons for punishment like myself - here's a tutorial by (another filipina) makdoongie for the tutting portion of the video at the very beginning.... she often posts very clear tutorials for dance videos like this one... she's the awesomesauce! the tutorial starts around the :36 mark... :)

happy friday!!!!

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