Thursday, July 05, 2007

to debut or not to debut

just an fyi - my first post titled, "to debut or not to debut", is up at filipina moms blog.


bokumbop said...

What's Paloma being dolled up for here?

I love the background photo ... don't know what's cuter, PC helping give his sister a push or that he's in his diaper and bare feet! Love it.

mamazilla said...

the paloma was getting dolled up for her "debut" as a flower girl at my sister's wedding in manila in february... i have to get back to blogging about that trip! i thought this might be a good segue.

this summer, the pc is ALWAYS in a diaper and bare feet... with his teething, he is especially hot... i give him as much relief from it as i can... and in return, i get the cuteness! :)

Anonymous said...

Have you seen The Debut? You know, I don't know why, but I always wished that my parents gave me one. If Paloma grows up not having any idea what it is, then why bother? But if she does, knowing you, you'll cave. Heehee.

Puglet said...

That was an amazing post. I'm an average mixed breed of eastern european-ness, and not brought up in any church. My two best friends are both first serbian, one ukranian. I am always wistful at the sense of culture they have, and it's something they both don't find as awe inspiring as I do. There's a sense of community missing for me that I've always wanted. it's interesting to read about the gaps between cultures and how to bridge them..or if they should be bridged.


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