Tuesday, July 17, 2007

oh how the mighty have fallen....

yesterday, i thought that i (like most women) had a pretty high threshold for pain:

* i went thru numerous surgeries from birth to about 5 years old to "cleave" my cystic hygroma from my neck.

* i got malaria.

* i menstruate.

* i've been waxed.

* i got tattooed in a store front window in broad daylight while reading antique car trader. yes, i was sober.

* i had to pack and re-pack a wound every day for a few weeks. it opened after i had surgery to remove a fibroadenoma from my right boobie.

* i went thru pregnancy, labor, delivery and breastfeeding. twice.

and today? today, i had to pop two advil for a 2mm canker sore that's planted itself on the base of my lower gum.


and i mean hurt like a swift kick to the privates, or using sandpaper for tp, or hacking off an appendage and pouring lemon juice on it.... OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!


SugarMama said...

lol...this is so funny!

Irene said...

Ouch! My gums just bleed for you.

bokumbop said...

Owee-zowee!! You have known pain. You'll slap me for even suggesting this, but rinsing out with salt water gets cankers to heal more quickly. I have no idea how it works, but it always has for me. Although one of my sisters insists that eating kalbi does the trick, a more delicious prescription!

samokdaddy said...

That seals it...I am officially a "wus", a "weenie", or "all around girlie man." All of the things you mentioned, with the exception of the tattoo-I have one of those, would do me in. You do just fine in the pain department Mama Z.

mamazilla said...

sugarmama - thank you! thank you! i'm here every night! try the veal! don't forget to tip your waitress!

irene - ooo. that reminds me i SERIOUSLY have to make a dentist appointment.

bokumbop - my mom says the same thing (about the salt water). i'll try the kalbi though! i have a cold so i'm gargling and neti potting anyway, but the canker store is not shrinking. :(

samokdaddy - it could be worse, the thin man faints away at the sight of a pinhead sized drop of blood.


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