Thursday, July 19, 2007

'tis the season to block party...

fa la la la, la la la la....

just an fyi - my most recent post, "tis the season to block party" is up at chicagomomsblog.

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samokdaddy said...

Block parties sound like lots of fun. The closest thing we have had to that has been an "association party" we had for the first time this summer. They had the usual fare...brats, burgers, dogs... There was also a giant "blow up" thing you find in carnivals that kids can climb into and jump up and down. The association brought in a firetruck and a guy as a giant dalmatian in a fireman's suit.

People in the Association are very diverse. Our townhomes are quite new, so not too many folks know each other. Socializing seemed a bit strained...I didn't get to meet anyone, however I think that's because J was at a second job and I was watching the kids. I was busy chasing them around the playground area, trying to make sure they ate and didn't fall off of any playground apparatus. Maybe it was just me not being able to have any conversations other than,"come on...finish your hot dog," or "quit hanging your sister over the side of the slide."

Maybe next year I'll be able to enjoy it more.


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