Wednesday, July 25, 2007

just an fyi - i'm alive!

the thin man and i had a GREAT TIME in manhattan! :) but we returned home to a sniffling & coughing pork chop (who is still not "talking" and fast approaching his terrible twos) with a newfound habit of eating soap and climbing out of his crib. so, i'm putting out his (and the palomas) towering infernos hourly.

i do have blog posts ruminating a plenty up in my noggin - and some even in draft form!


MJ said...

aww man...sorry to hear about pork chop being sick :-(

I'm hanging on and can't wait to read about your NY trip.

:-) MJ

samokdaddy said...

Hey...welcome back. Something must be in the air...We had to take the Bun to the doctor yesterday. She's coming around, but was miserable for a couple of days.

Hope you two had a great time. What did you do??? Didya paint the town red??? Are there police reports of an anonymous couple tearing up Manhattan?

mamazilla said...

mj - the post and pics of myc are coming, i swear! :)

samokdaddy - there IS something in the air. i noticed other parent bloggers and their kids are catching stuff... is this a sign of the school year to come? i think so! :) i could tell you of our undercover exploits in manhattan but then i'd have to kill you. or eat your dog. ;)


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