Thursday, May 17, 2007

two years?!

i can't believe it's been two years since i went away for three weeks to study with jessica hagedorn at ACA & finish writing a book that i haven't finished writing yet and seriously doubt that i will EVER finish writing... :( i don't really know how j.k rowling did/does it... i'm not even sure how jessica did it... i think when i asked her about writing while parenting - she just basically said that she did it.

and here for your viewing displeasure, i humbly offer you an (about 5 minutes) excerpt of me reading from my phantom book/novel/novella "chicago style halo halo" (working title) on the last night of my residency with jessica hagedorn. please excuse the inferior quality video/audio:


Carrie said...

hey, this is good. u know, maybe we need to start a "mommy's novel in progress" group. i'll soon be living ever so slightly closer to u soon!

mamazilla said...

carrie - ACK! now, i feel like an *ss...

how did your workshop/residency go?! i think your pregnancy was most present in my mind when you went and when i last saw you i was fixated on the fil - so easy on the eyes and ears... :)

yes, we should definitely form a mommy's novel in progress group. i'm currently stalking a new mommy to the neighborhood who is a children's book author.

btw - do you know any editors in the area who would be open to looking at a dissertation another friend of mine is writing?

Angela said...

Mamazilla, that was amazing, so descriptive and full of emotion. I loved hearing you read your words, you are a wonderful writer.

You are my hero, you're so brave to read your words in front of an audience and put yourself out there, I know I could never do that. Please keep writing and sharing!

Irene said...

I love the working title, though the beans that is in the halo halo gives me indigestion. I couldn't see the video though - something wrong with my laptop.

mamazilla said...

angela - you must have hearing like a bat... or a mom. ;) and thanks for the compliments! *blush*

irene - my reading and my writing would probably give you indigestion too... i was told later than one of the composer residents was crying after i read... she either really HATED it or really LOVED it... ;)

Puglet said...

I would like very much to possess even a bit of the focus you have, even if you don't think you have any.

You up there and doing that residency? Coolest thing EVER. Sharing what you wrote, as you? Even cooler.


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