Wednesday, May 30, 2007

confessions of a doll svengali

just an fyi - my first post for chicago moms blog titled, confessions of a doll svengali, is up!


no way said...

Hello! I just linked to your first post on Chicago Mom's Blog, and it was beautiful! Well written, clearly expressed, and obviously straight from the heart. Great work! We don't know each other, but I am also from also from Beverly, and found your blog when I joined the flickr "Beverly, Chicago" group. I'm sure we've crossed paths, although I think my kids are a little younger than yours (2 and 7 mos.) Anyhow, great work! Becky Healy

mamazilla said...

no way - thanks for stopping by! when the kids go down for a nap, i'll get a chance to visit your blog. i'm sure we've crossed paths too at hurley or ridge or borders, etc... y'know, my husband reminded me that the neighbors across the street are healys too... wonder if you're related. :) i'm glad that you like my post on chicago moms blog!

bokumbop said...

By the way ... falsely implicating the Pork Chop?? :-D

mamazilla said...

bokumbop - hey! i said it was WRONG! cut the crazy lady some slack!


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