Tuesday, May 01, 2007

let me re-phase that...

so, i'm realizing now how much tougher it's going to be for me to post with a) the summer fast approaching and b) the porkchop phasing out his morning nap. the first thing forces me to go outside and get some much needed fresh air and sun and the second thing forces me to... well, to go outside and get some much needed fresh air and sun.

this past weekend was busy here. thursday night, a dear friend came in from seattle for a conference. the thin man and i hadn't seen her in about 5 years so we had a lot to catch up on. she came over for dinner on friday night and then we all went out for lunch at frontera on saturday. of course, she looked fantastic - good thing i considered her bra and shave worthy ahead of time... ugh, i am such a poor but proud representative for the stay at home moms....

the great thing we've noticed about our friends is that although many things in their (or our) lives change - many things about them (and us) stay the same. when we do catch up, it's like we've been apart only a few days since the last time we saw each other. i always expect to hear the latest about new loves/friends or old loves/friends, new jobs, new apartments, new cars, latest travels, etc... but i would never have guessed in a gazillion years that she would have news like this to share... apparently, she was asked to compete in this year's show of The Bachelor.

i have never watched the bachelor until this year because frankly, i couldn't believe that the asian women made it this far into the show. i always read on the myriad of asian blogs how the lone asian woman left without a rose on past season's of The Bachelor, blah blah blah... but this year, it's been different. recently, i found out via a post on kimchi mamas that the bachelor lives in hawaii... so, that explains it sorta...

anyhoo... a friend of my friend's nominated her and sent her picture to the show's casting office. they called my friend and asked her to send a videotape. which she did. and then they asked her to compete. unfortunately, they also asked her to take off for six weeks. and that was the deal breaker, she just couldn't do that to her patients.

i really hope it doesn't take us five more years to reconnect again. but, i've always wanted to go to seattle - she's just one more reason to go and visit.

on sunday, the paloma was invited to a drop off gymnastics birthday party (at peterson park gymnastics center) by my cousin's daughter. i know... drop off? toddlers? for gymnastics? and sugar (in the form of a princess cake)?

tempt fate much?

but, i had already decided to surprise two other friends with an unannounced visit while the paloma was at this party so - i quickly read and nervously signed the waiver as she flipped, cartwheeled and tumbled away. apparently, she had a very good time. no broken bones or sprained ankles to report.

dodged the bullet. THAT time.... :)


Angela said...

That's so cool that your friend was asked to be on the show, great video, she seems so sweet and wonderful, I hope she meets someone soon.

Glad Paloma didn't break anything at the party, I took my son to a party on the weekend, he didn't break any bones but it was still torturous and traumatic for me.

Irene said...

How cool is that that you'll be able to watch your friend on the tube. We're going to be going through the phasing out of the morning nap soon with the littlest man. Should be interesting!

mamazilla said...

angela - i'm hoping she meets someone soon too. either that or i better meet someone to introduce her to! :)

irene - she declined the invite. she didn't want to be away from her patients for six weeks. dude. it's SO unfair that they phase out the morning nap... i know i did it with the paloma - but there was only ONE child back then! :)


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