Wednesday, August 23, 2006

qaStaH nuq? goopa! achuta!

i've just been informed...

"Congratulations! Blog in Space has deemed you "Most Likely to be Contacted." Your blog will be showcased on the home page of on August 24, 2006. You are no longer considered part of the World Wide Web. You are now officially part of the Intergalatic Wide Web. Welcome."

so, what do i do to prepare for intergalactic commenters? do i brush up on my klingonese or huttese? i can barely speak grammatically correct, polysyllabic english. and i have to wonder, what was the criteria used to pick my blog? i constantly worry myself (sometimes into isolation)that i have nothing in common with other stay at home moms/mommy bloggers on this planet. is it possible that i have ANYTHING in common with/blog something of interest to otherworldly extraterrestrial stay at home moms?

what's that you say? i LOOK like an alien - yeah, hardy f*cking har har.

let's review, shall we?

1) i don't parasitically impregnate people.
2) i don't have acidic saliva.
3) my children don't seek to destroy/impregnate/eat people.
4) i did not give birth to a) a litter of babies that grow at accelerated rates b) a SUPERBABY with mineral allergies c) bugs the size of stadiums d) peapod clones e) babies with metachlorian microbes.
5) i haven't left my child alone on an unknown uncharted planet (i may have fantasized about it though).
6) i didn't seek out a mate by his excellent genetics alone and then kill him. (ok, maybe... just kidding babe!!!!)
7) i certainly wouldn't punk out & die if/and/or/when i realized my mate joined "the dark side".
8) my mate did not carry our baby (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!).
9) i don't drive so i doubt i could pilot a spaceship.
10) i don't own a robot or a droid (or a food processor for that matter).
11) i will not die if i catch a cold.

ok, the reality is i know very little about extraterrestrial life forms and shamefully, my education is fueled by fictional accounts and hollywood stereotypes.

so, hello there! and welcome! all of you... newbie readers... out there... in outer space.... um, i hope you enjoy reading my little blog... please feel free to comment (however, i can only respond in english) and even better, please link to my blog.... i can't wait to meet you all and learn all about you and your planets and your DCs, SOs, MILs, etc, etc ...

and um, by the way, i hope that you'll please consider taking a bunch of us (the harmless ones) off the planet, in the event that the very powerful & very out of touch handful of us (and you know who you are) manage to destroy it by mistake. but, please don't enslave us or eat us or sell us or feed us to someone else or sacrifice us or anything like that. ok? ok. just so we're clear....

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Psittakos said...

Greetings in Huttese and Klingon? I'm glad to not be the only one to study them.

greetings from Spain (no stereotypes, pleas: I hate bullfighting!!)


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