Friday, March 09, 2007

new accessories for spring!

first and foremost, i have been in a weird, hormonal "is-this-where-i-wanted-to-be-when-i-turned-35" funk for a while... so, i apologize for the blog pause... :(

i bought these shoes. they've alleviated the funk...
for a little while...
i think.

anyhoo... thanks to bloggo chicago, the zero boss and the "new and improved" for introducing me to a whole new kind of substance abuse some of the new blogging accessories (? tools? obsessions? toys?) that you might've noticed lately on *MAMAZILLA*.

via bloggo chicago (VIVA LA DEPENDS PORN!) , i sniffed out cocomment. it makes all my worthless $.02 on all yer comment windows and haloscans... easily tracked and um, worth it. yes, i'm still stalking you. mwahahahahaha!

via zero boss, i got the 411 on mybloglog and google reader. although my(free)bloglog offers a lot of tracking features. i think my (free) sitemeter offers the same tracking features. unlike sitemeter, mybloglog offers up a handy little widget that allows me to put a "face" to a "name". so, even if y'all come by and don't comment i see you and it reminds me stop on by and do a reciprocated drive by on your blog as well.

google reader (pay attention, bloggo chicago) also provides the new widgets that have taken over where my blog links were on the right sidebar over yonder. i always wonder if it looks like i'm not linked to you (and i'm sure you know who you are) anymore. if it does, i apologize. mea culpa! but google reader really does simplify when my blog stalkees are posting new smack. and stalk, stalk, stalk, i must! this by far, is the most addictive of all the blogging toys. i'm constantly adding new blogs to it, only to find myself slackjawed and drooling over how much i have to read after just a day off of reading. IT'S. INSANE. how do you clever, articulate, hilarious, everyday posting bloggers find the time to do it all?!

lastly, i really like the "new and improved" blogger (stfu, haters). in most situations, i'm just a cheapskate and since my employers pay me in dessicated cheerios and sh*tty diapers - i'm also broke. so, for me, blogger is awesome 'cause it's FREE! admittedly, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of typepad or wordpress, but i'm just a humble destitute mamazilla, not dooce or city mama or motherhood uncensored. besides i have a low tolerance for noise - i send all bells and whistles to lola's (my mom's) house and she puts them in the overflow toy box we have over there.

back to the random things i like about the new blogger:

i can tag my posts
it's super easy to create a new post
it's SUPER DUPER easy to upload images (no more uploading via flickr or picasa)
ok... so, i can only think of three things.... suffice to say, it's not the same old blogger and with all new things bloggish - neither am i! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthdays to you and the Paloma! And those are great shoes.

Anonymous said...

Now hear this:

We have been monitoring your work, and we am very upset that you took time out from cleaning up after us and answering our irritating questions to create a false impression among your readers (all three of them.)You know perfectly well that you also receive compensation in the form of gallons of drool, hours of screaming fits (with attendant entertainment value depending on the cause of said screaming fits!), and constant whining over the location of whatever Barbie doll is the doll du jour. Plus, you get fringe benefits in the form of a silly and thoroughly insensitive husband and two addle-brained cats that delight in peeing outside the box.

Now stop complaining and fix us some chicken nuggets.


your employers

Puglet said...

I am not happy to find out that I'll have to have another birthday crisis in five years. Oh wait. Six. This year IS a do-over after all.


mamazilla said...

carol - hey there! thanks! btw - the shoes are that cute even in a size 9! ;)

anonymous - please stop peeing outside the box. you're scaring the cats. and now, my adorable public.

puglet - i'm all over the do-overs. crisis(es) averted.

mamazilla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angela said...

We must be on the same wavelength. I was also away and just returned to blogging, insanely busy at work and just trying to adjust to turning 40.

Love the shoes!

Hmmm, may have to try the new Blogger too. I'm hopeless though, I don't even know how to link different blogs or websites when I blog, maybe New Blogger will take pity on me and give me very simple instructions...

Anonymous said...

you've just inspired me to go out and purchase a pair of patent red maryjanes that i cannot afford and do not need... thank you VERY much!

Rachel said...

Cute shoes!

I know what you mean about turning 35. Going through something similar here.

I like the labels on the new blogger. That was one of my big frustrations with old blogger, that you couldn't categorize posts.

mamazilla said...

angela - hmm, i don't think the new blogger can help with linking to other blogs. but i think i can... i'll email you or you email me.... :)

ms bees knees - purchase? right. i think we all know how you're going to acquire said shoes. and when you do - hello? post shoes pics to flickr? thank YOU very much.

rachel - thanks for stopping by and commenting! i'm still getting used to the tagging. i realize after i've published that i have to edit and tag... oh well...


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