Thursday, March 01, 2007

holy f*cking hell.

the latest of what passes for humor on myspace:

"One part Pee Wee's Playhouse, one part crazy, unpredictable Japanese talk show, and one part whole milk. Mix and serve chilled. Written by Kim Evey and directed by Greg Benson. More episodes to come (if this one gets a good response), just ADD ME to catch future episodes! May not be suitable for children. Or adults."

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show (Episode 1)

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and here's some of the intelligent commentary from the myspace masses:

"...i'm with the general population of proud fatass americans when i say that intellect, creativity, normality, trend and talent, and pretty much the value of human life is completely contingent on how well one speaks english. and how white they are..."

"this is shit. real japanese tv rules, you've totally missed the point. i understand that this is a joke but the name sux and there was no food. EAT SOME WIERD SHIT, THAT'S WHAT JAPANESE TV IS ALL ABOUT!!! That and cute swimsuit models (also missing). "

"GOD DAMN asians get weirder and weirder everyday"

"wow im not suppost to watch this happy stuff buut i couldent risist and now im regeting me doing this that song was just scary but uhh none the less that was a good video uhhh ASIANS ARE WEIRD!!!!! "

"ENGRISH LOL JAPS LOL where did i put my chopsticks and buckteeth?"

"Can i slap the crazy stupid asian bitch LICK POOP hahahaha"

"Hahaha! I love it! And to whomever is saying it's racist, I don't think being able to poke fun at your own race is "racist". :P More, please! 321go!"

" It doesn't matter if her accent isn't right on or not, she is still asian DUHHH! Ha, I want those bubble chairs. "

the majority of the comments are congratulatory and complimentary towards the filmmakers... then, of course, there are all the comments about how HOT HOT HOT the japanese girl is and how much they want to take her home and love her long time.

what's unbelieveable to me is that kim evey, AN ASIAN WOMAN, is the creator/writer of the skit.

way to perpetuate the stereotyping of your fellow asian women! see, it's because of crap like this that i don't get angry when asian people call me a sellout or a race traitor. because sellouts and the race traitors exist and some of them are just outright ignorant.

i want to believe that common sense would prevail and that an asian woman would see how the rest of non-asian america, as well as asian americans, would process a parody film like this. because of films and characters like these, asian women (in america) will always be the exotic, foreign, disposable, comical, sex object.

while i was travelling to the philippines, it was so refreshing to see asian women in all kinds of advertising. in the airplane seat pockets, you could find us pictured in the airplane safety pamphlet, the entertainment and lifestyle magazines - we were represented as career women, mothers, students, etc... when we landed in seoul, i noticed the same thing on the terminal billboards and on the televisions at the gates. and in the philippines, even in the former red light districts, there were enormous ads featuring filipino moms serving liquid vitamins to their kids.

consequently, because kim evey is married to a caucasian and perpetuating sterotypes, the rest of us, asian women, who are also married to caucasians (or those who pass), regardless of how socially aware, ethnically proud or actively outspoken, will have to pay for it at the hands of other seriously pissed off, misunderstood, hurt and righteously angry asian people.

aren't there enough REAL japanese tv shows on youtube or google video to share and watch?

and is this film the kind of baggage we want to unload on the younger generations of asian women (american born and immigrant alike) who are soon to follow us?


Angela said...

Sigh...why oh why do people do such stupid, insulting and degrading things claiming all the while, hey, it's just a joke or it's all in fun?!! It just perpetuates the stereotypical Asian woman with a horrible accent, who is pretty but basically clueless. Shame on you Kim Evey and everyone else associated with this film.

Anonymous said...

I'm so annoyed ... are there airheaded Asian women? Sure. But the problem is it validates in already racist-leaning, "ching chonging" minds that this is an acceptable way to portray all Asian women. And that this was created and put out there at the hands of an Asian woman? I just don't know what to say - the self-loathing is deafening.

Barb said...

Well, what do you expect from MySpace? Of course, that's where my hockey blog is...

When I was 20, 21 -- oh, never mind. Basically this was before I was diagnosed and thought of myself as dumb, even though I always did well in school. So I had a job as a go-go dancer (in a cage), but I had fun. Like I said, though, this was before I was diagnosed.

I still do cage dancing -- just a different kind of cage. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sigh. . .

No matter what you do inevitably someone will be pissed off about it.

mamazilla said...

angela - when i'm not so angry about this film, i think i might email to complain and to get her view on asian female stereotypes. i'm really curious...

i'd love to hear from the gwenihana four too. i was disappointed to read an interview with carrie ann inaba (judge on dancing with the stars) about her role as one of the two asian girls, "fook yu and fook mi", in the austin powers movie. she says "it was soooo much fun."

that's it. that's all. it seems like some asians just remove themselves from the realities of being asian in america while others like daniel dae kim do not. makes me wonder about hollywood and what you have to do to get "in" and stay "in".

carol - one of the sad things i learned about in manila was an update re: a recent rape of a filipina by a handful of us marines. "someone" (who knows when it comes to the philippine govt) let the marine (who was convicted of the rape) out of filipino police custody. no one is sure if he's still at the us embassy or if he's already in the us. so, basically the phil govt is sending out a message to the global community, "please come to manila and rape our women. we'll let it slide."

talk about self loathing....

barb - hockey blog?! blah blah blah... i can't write... blah blah blah... ;)

re: your cage dancing... you were 20/21 and bipolar. carrie ann inaba was 34 when she appeared as "fook yu" in a schoogirl uniform with pigtails flirting with austin powers.

besides, you've moved beyond cage dancing into... DEPENDS PORN!!! :)

anonymous - so true. i'm sure there are plenty of people pissed off at my inconsequential rantings about racism (racism? wuh?) on my lame little blog. thanks for taking time to read my post and comment on it.

Barb said...

OK, OK, you got me. Now I've moved on to Flu Couture, an entry I posted yesterday that's dedicated to you! ;)

Ed said...

Using comedy to address the issue of racial stereotypes. It is tricky. The Chappell Show was amazing, then somewhere Dave found himself actually reenforcing the stereotypes he was out there to bust. In using irony to make a point some people may not get it and just want to see the stereotype on the surface.

It may actually be disrespectful to authentic Japanese culture more than anything else.

"consequently, because kim evey is married to a caucasian and perpetuating sterotypes, the rest of us, asian women, who are also married to caucasians (or those who pass)"

I may be lacking in my knowledge of gender studies or have a different worldview then some people above. But why the hell does it matter whom someone is married to. And 'passing', because someone has a specific color skin, they have to different cultural identity than others assign because of some random gene assignments, that is wrong?

Racism can go both ways, take a look in the mirror, four finger may be pointing back in your direction.

Geraly said...

Ed- I agree with you. It shouldn't matter who anyone marries. I am an asian woman maried to a mixed race man who passes for white. My point was that this actress's performance adds fuel to the fire of those folks who enjoy calling those of us in Af/wm relationships -"race traitors".


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