Saturday, March 03, 2007

happy 4th birthday paloma!

so, i managed to pull a birthday party out of my ghetto *ss. it was no easy nor pretty feat.

normally, i would've planned the whole thing in advance, but the trip to manila took so much advance planning (plane tickets, passports, inoculations, hotel, etc...), i just didn't have time. then, when we got back, the priority was getting re-acclimated to chicago time and weather.

finally, last wednesday, i pulled out my "defeated and exhausted mommy" card and called some neighborhood moms and dads (and my awesome stepsister) and got a few "yeses" to my pathetic sob story phoned in birthday invite.

on saturday, the thin man and i got the kids up early for a grocery store run and for the most part that went well (unlike the usual screaming and/or wrestling match). we got the cake and most of the other par-tay provisions at the jewel (btw - i heard that that's a chicago thing to name a store with a "the" at the beginning. c'est vrai, chicagoans?).

then, when they went down for their afternoon naps, i sped out to the dollar store for the party favors and another tablecloth (because i had saved the ripped and stained "my little pony" one from last year... 'cause i'm SUCH a cheapskate... and decided at the last minute against using it).

the party favor gods were with me 'cause i scored a mess of random disney princess stuff for the girl goody bags and some random but cool stuff for boy goody bags (i freakin' hate goody bags... i NEVER got goody bags when i went to parties as a kid - ok, maybe i'm jealous). normally, i don't differentiate between boy or girl goody bags, but these parents did come thru on no notice... i wanted them to feel like i made SOME effort... mind you, i'm still jetlagged... i'm still running on fumes and yawning constantly most of the day.

when the paloma woke up from her nap she was over the moon... it was so good to see her so genuinely wholeheartedly happy. she's still jetlagged too and it's disconcerting not to see her chipper, energized paloma-esque self. she and her nine friends had a (2.5 hour) ball. with veggie booty. and goldfish. and pizza. and capri suns. and cake. and lots of tag. and toys. and crying. and screaming. and more toys. and 10 minutes of a dvd. and goody bags.

clean up was strangely easy however. so, you know i'm going to find a piece of cake in a shoe next fall.

that's ok... that smile is worth it. :)


kate rogers said...

Hi! Nice post. Its always fun organizing a birthday party though it is quite a tiresome process but at the end of the day, seeing a smile on your loved one's face does away with all the perspiration instilling great love and immense adoration.
Happy Birthday to your little one.
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Angela said...

Mamazilla, you are a star! The Paloma will probably remember this birthday party for a long time, that smile on her face says it all, she's gorgeous. Happy Birthday Paloma!

So glad the party Gods smiled down on you and you were able to get the suppTes. The dreaded goody bags, I know I put far too much energy into what goes in them, but like you, I want the kids to know that I made an effort to get some good stuff. Okay, now you can breathe a little right, maybe get a little rest...oh, yeah right, sorry...I almost forgot, you're a can rest when they go off to university. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Ran into one of the moms on the train to work and she was very complimentary of the whole thing and had nice things to say about the goody bag her son took home. Ya did good, keed.

Now, can we toss the 1/2 cake that paloma jammed her fingers into to taste the red icing?

Puglet said...

so, I know the black bar on the cake hides the name, but it's much more fun thinking it was a porn cake instead, and there were boobies under there ;)
and this is why I have no children.

mamazilla said...

kate rogers - thanks for stopping by! i'll be sure to check out your blog.

angela - *doing the roger rabbit*

anonymous - dude. YOU'RE the one performing intricate surgery and carving out the holes her fingers made...


dude. first of all, pretty much everyone's seen my boobs. i did breastfeed two kids y'know...

and second of all, there tain't nothing wrong with porn and cake. BRING. IT. ON.

Anonymous said...

i would TOTALLY eat "out" a porn cake. hahah! *ew*

in other news, happy bday to your little one. i adore that she is a pisces just like her crazy ass mama!!

Barb said...

Awwww...happy belated birthday to Paloma!!!! (((hugs)))

honglien123 said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the Paloma! Love the cake.


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