Thursday, January 26, 2006

this post is brought to you by the number 8...

so, in an effort to kick start (what i really need is an old school b*tch slapping) me into blogging again, i've been tagged by barb to name the 8 qualities of my perfect partner. (and yes, of COURSE, i'm married to my perfect partner!)

target partner: male (woman cannot live by 8 qualities alone...)

8 qualities of my perfect partner (not necessarily in order)

1) honest
2) loving
3) patient
4) adaptable
5) youthful/spirited
6) communicative
7) open minded
8) generous

special thanks to barb! i needed a little kick in the pants - i strapped the little one into the baby carrier and actually got to type with two hands!!! woo-hoo!!

i tag bert, meeeeah and flahute


Barb said...


mamazilla said...

right back atcha! ;)


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