Thursday, January 05, 2006

hey, i got smacked!

i'm atually still recovering from the happy holiday madness that visited our home (oh, and that labor-and-delivery-then-bringing-home-a-newborn-while-caring-for-a-toddler business), only to find that i got smacked at i talk too much.

oh well, serves me right for even submitting my humble old sh*tty tired template mommy blog to such "b*tchy" scrutiny. truth be told, they could've been SO MUCH meaner - like possibly causing you to plunge into the depths of an eating disorder mean. (which was what i was hoping for so, i could lose the last of my pregnancy poundage... but, no such luck... then again, i'd probably end up losing these rockin' boobs that i also inherited via the knock up!)


Barb said...

woman, you were smacked a long time ago!!! they were a lot nicer about mine than they could have been, so i hear ya.

mamazilla said...

barb - was it really that long ago? i swear the days are just flying past me. i just realized today was friday - i thought it was wednesday... YAR!


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